Make Easy Spiral Earrings in Just 5 Steps

Denise Peck's Mixed Blossom earrings from Easy Wire.

Karla Rosenbusch
is the 
editor of Lapidary
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Lately, my favorite jewelry-making medium has become working with wire. The thing I like best about wire is that you can take a few basic techniques and create the most spectacular jewelry from them. Add a few tools, the appropriate gauge, your favorite metal for the wire, and your own imagination and voila! You have gorgeous jewelry–usually in just a few minutes. 

Spiraling Around
My favorite wire-working technique has got to be wire spirals. It's easy to master, and once you do, you can use spirals in a variety of ways to make lots of unique designs.

Recently, I was spending a quiet evening, just happily looking through Easy Wire, a special issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry. Easy Wire has definitely become my go-to source for simple and quick wire-working ideas.

There's even an entire section which gives you step-by-step instructions for making spirals, including my personal favorite, S-shaped double spirals. And then you get some really cool projects. I really loved the spiral roses which were used for a delightful necklace-and which grace

Denise Peck's Swriling Waters necklace uses S-shaped double spirals.

Easy Wire's cover.

Mixed Blossoms Earrings
In the spirals section Easy Wire, I also came across the Mixed Blossoms project-a pair of very fun earrings by Step By Step Wire Jewelry editor Denise Peck. I liked them so much that I thought I'd share the project with all of you.

The materials used for these earrings are six inches of 20-gauge copper wire, two 36mm x 12mm vintage Lucite matte hot pink calla lily beads, six 20mm German rust-and-cream two-tone floral dangle beads, and two copper earwires. The tools you'll need are flush cutters, round-nose pliers, and chain-nose pliers. Crazy glue is optional.

1. Cut the wire in half.
2. Make a small open spiral in one end of one wire, no larger than the opening in the calla lily bead.

Cindy Wimmer's beautiful Spiral Roses are on the cover of Easy Wire.

3. Thread on a calla lily bead, tucking the spiral up into the center of the bead.
4. Thread on three floral dangles and finish with a wrapped loop.
5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for the other earring.
6. Optional: Dab a spot of glue between the dangles where they meet if you don't want them to spin on the wire.

Make Your Own Wire Magic
In Easy Wire, you'll find everything you need to use wire techniques in your jewelry-making endeavors-step-by-step instructions, lists and descriptions of tools, useful tips, and of course, terrific projects using each techniques.

The fun part is picking your favorite wire-working technique (or techniques) and then using the projects in Easy Wire as a starting point for your down wire jewelry designs. You can take what you find in the magazine and add your own spin to it. Then be sure to share your creations on Jewelry Making Daily by posting them in our Members Gallery and in the forums. We'd love to see what you come up with!

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