Make Earrings with Wire, Gems, Metal, and More–Plus Brilliant Reverse-Hook Earrings That Stay In!

We've updated our popular earring-making eBook with new earrings as well as information about making unique ear wires and handy earring styles that integrate the ear wire right into the earring design, as "functional art on a wire."

In our newest updated free eBook, How to Make Earrings at Home: Earring Design for Any Jewelry Maker, you'll learn to make these four earring projects using wire, metal, gemstones, and more in complete illustrated step-by-step projects.



Style and Grace Wire Earrings
by Anica Gabrovec

These wire earrings look elaborate and lacy, full of pretty wire curls and coils–but they're easier to make than you might think! They're accented by pretty beads that can be any color or style you like, plus you can change them up even more by using wire in other metals, colors, and combos. There's just enough metalwork and soldering involved to keep things interesting, making them a great segue project for wireworkers who want to ease into metalsmithing.

Wear Them Tonight Earrings
by Helen Driggs

If soldering isn't your thing, try your hand at cold connections (tube rivets), along with other metalwork techniques like texturing and doming metal to make these modern earrings. "There are endless variations, so take out what materials you have and run with this design. That's what I did," Helen says. "Since these earrings are so easy to make, you might try a whole series based on one idea–varying the size, metal, technique, or construction."

Silver and Peridot or Garnet Earrings
by Nina Cooper and Leah Rivers

To make these quick earrings, you just need a few tools, some gem beads, and some clever findings that do a lot of the work for you! These two projects come with a great tip for working with gemstone beads: Because their holes are usually smaller than non-gem bead holes are, you need to be mindful of what gauge wire will fit and test the bead hole sizes before beginning a project.


After you've finished these handmade earring projects, see how Terri Haag explores the idea of earrings that feature integrated ear wires as part of the design–a wise design option that improves wearability as well as design interest.

"While there may be a great deal of individual variation in the shape, size, and degree of sticky-outedness of human ears, there still seem to be only so many ways of hanging things from them," Terri writes. "You can put a pin straight through (called a post); you can put a hook through and down (called a hook); and you can attach a merciless pincher-clip thing (called a lot of things, all rude). . . . But short of hanging a whole contraption over the top of the head like some African women do with their five-pound gold earrings, that's about it."

But then Haag discovers Rachel Savané 's reverse-hook earrings that enter through the back and have a cleverly curved wire that creates balance, and "earwire innovator" Dana Melnick's LiveWire earrings that look like one continuous loop. Both designs help the earrings hang properly and stay in the ear. "One look at these pieces and you want to smack yourself on the forehead–they are so subtle and clever you have to wonder why you didn't think of it."

Learn more about these two clever earring designs as well as how to make your own pretty handmade earrings when you download our updated free eBook, How to Make Earrings at Home: Earring Design for Any Jewelry Maker!


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