Learn to Make Acrylic Jewelry (Plexiglas) like Stacked Rings with Laurel Nathanson

JMD readers loved the colorful jewelry-making projects that jewelry artist and instructor Laurel Nathanson created for us in guest blogs over the past year, and she writes a popular mixed-media jewelry making column for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. Her Bead Fest courses on how to make acrylic jewelry were a hit, and now she’s bringing her expert instruction to you at home with a fun new online course that will introduce you to colorful acrylic (like Plexiglas), an affordable jewelry-making supply that I bet most of you have never tried. So let’s learn something new!


Laurel’s colorful Plexiglas acrylic stack rings

In Intro to Using Plexiglas to Make Stacked Rings with Laurel Nathanson, Laurel’s expert instruction will teach you all about how to use acrylic (in sheet, tubes and rods), where to buy it, which thicknesses and opacities are best for the pieces you want to make, safety information, and more. You can use many of the metalsmithing tools you already own and skills you already know, such as sawing, drilling, and finishing, to create new kinds of jewelry for different moods and to reach different audiences with colorful sheet acrylic. Since the two are so similar, in this acrylic class, you’ll also learn some metalsmithing basics, like sawing, drilling, filing, and more, if you’re new to metal jewelry making. Similarly, “Experienced metalsmiths will love the ease of working in acrylic,” Laurel says, “and will enjoy how easy it is to adapt your prior knowledge to it.”


Laurel’s acrylic cuff bracelets similar to her acrylic stack rings.

Unlike our previous webinars which took place at only one hour during the day, you’ll have a full week to review this lesson on how to make acrylic jewelry, try your hand at using acrylic for jewelry making, and ask Laurel any questions that arise during your experiments–all for the price of the former one-hour webinar course. I know you’ll like this more convenient new format that allows you time to try what you learn and come back with any questions that may arise or challenges you encounter when you put your new skills to work and make acrylic jewelry. Plus you’ll learn about using a colorful, fun new material in your jewelry designs. So sign up now and treat yourself to Intro to Using Plexiglas to Make Stacked Rings with Laurel Nathanson!

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