Make a Quick and Pretty Mixed-Media Ribbon and Wire Necklace

Photos by the designer.

Here's another great mixed-media and wire jewelry project from our friends at Nunn Design! Stephanie Gard Buss created this pretty flowing pendant using sari silk ribbon, wire, chain, paper collage images, and beads. You can use any collage art you like on the channel bead and add strands of crystals, feathers, or charms with (or in place of) the ribbon, or hammer flat wires and make a more bold, less fluid version of the tail. You could even make smaller versions for earrings!

Bathing Beauty Necklace
by Stephanie Gard Buss for Nunn Design


Nunn Design Bathing Beauties collage sheet
Nunn Design gold flat tag
Nunn Design sterling silver large channel bead
Nunn Design sterling silver sea spire bead cap
Nunn Design sterling silver chain *
Nunn Design sterling silver large jump ring
Nunn Design sterling silver headpins
Nunn Design epoxy resin or sealant
Czech glass bead shell chain
alphabet metal stamps and hammer
sari silk ribbon

* You'll need length for the necklace plus about 1-1/2" of large links to hang charms from



1. Stamp the word "SEA" on the flat gold tag. You can use a Sharpie marker to darken the recesses of the letters if you want, then quickly wipe the surface before the ink dries so that just the letters are dark. If the ink dries outside the letters, you can sand it off with fine sandpaper. Set aside.

2. Thread the bead and bead cap on the headpin, make a loop, and set aside.
3. Following the collage sheet package directions, cut out the image of your choice and adhere it to the channel bead. Allow to dry. Then seal the image with sealant or a light coat of resin and let dry/cure.
4. Gather a few strands of sari silk ribbon together. Wrap wire around the ribbons at the center, leaving a long tail of wire.

5. Using the tail, pull the silk through the center of the channel bead. Make a wire-wrapped loop on top. Your bunch of silk should be thick enough to hold the channel bead so it doesn't slide off, but if not, make an overhand knot in the silk under the channel bead to hold it. You can hide a knot in the bunch of silk or tie all the strands together. Leave the silk long and flowing or trim it as desired.

6. Attach the stamped tag, shell chain, and bead charm from Step 2 to large links of chain. Open end of chain or use large jump ring to connect to channel bead.

7. Thread the pendant on the necklace chain. Use enough chain that the necklace will fit over your head or cut the chain in the middle and add a clasp of your choice.

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About the designer: Stephanie Gard Buss is a member of Nunn Design's Innovation Team. You can see more of her jewelry designs in her Max and Lucie Etsy shop.

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