Lots to Love: My Favorite Things About Our 3 New Wire Jewelry-Making eBooks

One of Jewelry Making Daily's friends on Facebook commented recently that she didn't know what an eBook is. Here I am talking about our eBooks all the time (and we continue to make new ones every month, like the three new wire eBooks I'm going to tell you about in a minute), but I've never really explained what they are. Shame on me!

Dia Daniels Sidewinder Cuff on the 10 Wire Jewelry Projects with Coils & Spirals eBook.

What is an eBook anyway?
Simply put, eBooks are electronic books. They are made up of all kinds of content and information–projects, articles, tips, etc.–just like you would find in a paper book, but they are presented in electronic format only. (Of course, you're welcome to print yours after you've downloaded it.) They are usually in PDF format, which makes them easy to download and read for almost everyone. I like them for crafts because there's a lot more room on my laptop than there is in my bookshelf, and because they are a great value, usually about half (or even a third of) the price of a paper book.

I particularly like eBooks for jewelry-making projects because I categorize my jewelry idea files (project sheets and photos) in a million inspiration folders on my laptop, and having projects in eBook form allows me to keep the kinds of projects in each eBook (wire, silversmithing, etc.) in the appropriate idea folders. See how organized I am? No no, don't look in that closet!

Claire DeRosa's To Be Shore Bangle clasp

Truth is, there are so many things to like about eBooks and our three new wire jewelry-making eBook especially. Just browsing through 10 Wire and Crystal Projects, 10 Wire Weaving Projects, and 10 Wire Jewelry Projects with Coils & Spirals, I found lots of inspiring ideas to share with you. Unfortunately I only have space for a few, so here are my favorite things from our three new wire jewelry eBooks.

Fantastic Findings: Clasps, Bails, and Ear Wires
Each eBook has ten projects in it, and many of them are made even more special with the addition of handmade wire findings. There are clever clasps unlike any I've ever seen, unique ear wires to make even the most simple dangles sing, and bails worthy of the focals they support. Having projects with unique findings that you can repurpose in other projects multiplies their value! Dia Daniels even creates a simple but special handmade chain for her Fetish Pendant in 10 Wire Weaving Projects.

The special bail on Mary Tucker's Spiral Locket is what holds the locket closed. 

Coils and Spirals, Whirls and Twirls
I love wire coils and spirals. Really, isn't a spiral the most fun design in all of wire jewelry making? Maybe subconsciously they remind me of spinning until I was dizzy as a little kid and the guaranteed laughter that ensued. I still whirl and twirl, making my skirts fly out in a big fun circle. That ability to twirl is probably the reason I always wear skirts! No wonder spirals and coils are my favorite element in wire jewelry. They're like giggles made of wire.

Lilian Chen's Angled 3-D Earrings

Inspiring Wire Design
Among the many things I've learned since I converted to a fan of wire, it's that there's just no limit to what a talented designer can make out of it. Lilian Chen is one of my favorite wire-jewelry designers because of the gorgeous shapes she creates with wire. Her wire jewelry designs appear to have movement that really catches my eye, and while the Angled 3-D Earrings in the 10 Wire and Crystals Projects eBook is simple compared to most of her designs, their simplicity really appeals to me. I also love Dia Daniels' Sidewinder Cuff in the 10 Wire Jewelry Projects with Coils & Spirals eBook, mostly because those big spirals on top of the cuff look like roses to me. Lovely!

Did I whet your appetite? There's so much more to love in these three new wire eBooks. Here's another little fact to send you over the edge: The new wire eBooks are less than ten bucks each, and each one includes ten projects (plus all those cool wire findings that you can repurpose)–that's less than a dollar a project. How can you pass up a deal like that?

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