Look What I Found: Faceted Polymer Clay Beads Tutorial

Photo by Eugena Topina of Polymer Tutorials.

I recently came across a great faceted polymer clay bead tutorial that was too good not to share. I rave about polymer clay as a jewelry-making medium because it can resemble just about anything you want it to resemble– wood, plastic, even gemstones and metal–and here's proof of the latter!

Polymer clay artist Eugena Topina, on her Polymer Tutorials website, shares her complete step-by-step technique for making faceted polymer clay beads and adding a metallic finish to resemble gem or metal beads. The instructions are thorough and the photos couldn't be more print-worthy. I imagine you could use just about any color of paint or patina product to achieve a variety of results and create just about any "gemstone" polymer clay beads you'd like.

Eugena points out that this project is ideal for using old, nearly dried-up clay that's too hard to condition, because you are simply cutting and slicing blocks of clay. Brilliant idea!

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