Look What I Found: 5 Favorite New Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies

I love any chance to share favorite new jewelry making tools and supplies with you. You just never know when the right thing will come along that someone needs! Here are some of my recent favorites.

Beadalon Knot-A-Bead

Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies: Knot-a-Bead by Beadalon

Guess who finally restrung and knotted her long pearls? This girl! I couldn’t have done it without a cool new tool from Beadalon, the Knot-a-Bead, a tabletop knotting tool. A friend shared a video demo of the tool in my Faecbook  feed and after watching, I actually thought I could do it! So I got one and after watching another minute or two of the video, voila! I COULD do it. I was making neat, snug knots and my long pearls were coming back to life. I’ve tried other knotting tools, but I just couldn’t get it like I did with this one. I restrung a 24-inch strand of pearls in one evening while watching television. Now my pearls look better, wear more comfortably, and are secure . . . which means I can feel safe enough to wear them more often, yay!

Impress Art's Juniper font metal stamp set

Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies: Juniper Metal Stamps and Font Cases

ImpressArt recently released a new metal stamp alphabet font that I love, called Juniper. It’s a clear, clean, sans-serif font with great visibility, available in upper (shown here) or lowercase styles. I particularly love the lowercase version of this font because it looks so much like my own handwriting.

ImpressArt also has other big news: My Juniper stamp set came in their new metal stamp storage case, a handy clear-top case that allows you to store and see your stamps more easily. I like it because the stamps are stored with a bit of space in between, making them easier to lift out of their individual (labeled) slots–and when one stamp is removed for use, all the others can’t fall over and mess up the order like most alpha stamps do in their normal boxes.

Leather Cord USA leather goods

Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies: Leather Goods from Leather Cord USA

Leather jewelry is so stylish, on trend, and a very attractive alternative to metal chain. I also think of it as a summer-friendly alternative to chain–there’s just something about leather bracelets, necklaces, and anklets that say “summer!” to me. And here’s a bonus: The package of leather strap and cord samples that I recently received from Leather Cord USA come in pretty jewel tones and metallics that make them seem ideal for autumn as well.

There are too many widths, colors, and sizes to list, in both leather and suede finishes (you can see all the colors and styles on their website, LeatherCordUSA.com)–but my favorites include the bronze metallics in various styles (especially paired with jewel colors like Truly Teal and Iris Blue, on top here), the flat and round braids (on the left in this image, and especially the 9-strand flat version in the center here, nearly an inch wide and very eye-catching!), and really fine half-millimeter to 2mm size cord (shown on the right here, great as a single strand or grouped in multiples for a more bold look).

Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies: Slate and Wood Veneers from LillyPilly

I found these at a jewelry show in Tucson earlier this year but haven’t had a chance to share them with you yet. It’s both a simple and brilliant concept at once–thin sheets of slate and wood (both embossed and not) that you can use in bezels, cuff blanks, or anywhere else your imagination takes you. The brilliance comes from the fact that you can cut them so easily–cut the wood veneers with a craft knife, a guillotine paper cutter, or even scissors; cut the slate veneers with scissors, a jeweler’s saw, metal shears, or a metal disc cutter.

The slate veneers are available in seven stones and five patterned stone versions; the wood ones are available in three wood types as well as five embossed designs. Seven times five times three times five . . . oh my. There are so many possibilities! And the main thing: they’re so attractive. What a great way to add a warm, organic feel to cool metal jewelry designs.

LillyPilly's wood and slate veneers

Bonus: Many of LillyPilly’s products are specially designed to fit in various Nunn Design bezels perfectly. You can learn more about that on LillyPillyDesigns.com.

Nunn Design 2014 summer collection giveaway

Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies: Collection Charms from Nunn Design

I get so excited when I see Nunn Design’s new collections come out each season. There are always a few that particularly catch my eye; this time, it’s the feathers, the “woodland” twig toggle rings and bars, and the Eiffel Tower charms. One of the feathers is 34mm long! I’m enamored with feathers and my, what a statement that would make. I also love the owls, the round crown and bee charms, and the oak leaf stamping.

The giveaway has ended, thank you for entering! (Wouldn’t you love to have your own little stash from Nunn Design’s Summer Collection, with a retail value of $75? Just leave a comment below before midnight on Sunday, August 3, 2014, to enter to win.)

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Thanks to our friends at Nunn Design for another must-have-it giveaway!






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