London Blue Topaz Pendant & Earrings in 14k with Diamonds

Custom order of Large Gemstone Jewelry with fully faceted diamond accents.  Topaz in pendant was 55ct.  Matching topaz in earrings weighed 22 ct each.  Customer wanted an eye-catching design for the pendant, and the shortest possible dangle style earrings with solid 14k lever backs.  All other wire in the set is 14k gold-filled.

Potential customers: If you like my original designs and are interested in having a special piece of jewelry or set created for the unique person you are, please click on my name above, "LargeGemJewelry" , to send an email inquiry.

Jewelry artisans: I have never created a tutorial for any of my designs, but if there is enough interest, I would be happy to attempt it.

Thank you for your interest!

~ Donna ~


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