Lights! Camera! Braid! Making the Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy Promotional Video

Have you ever signed yourself up for something without really thinking about it? This recently happened to me when I offhandedly mentioned in a meeting that I was teaching myself how to make kumihimo jewelry with the help of Christina Larsen’s book, Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy. Shortly after saying this, I was asked if I’d be willing to give a helping hand (literally) in making the book’s promotional video. My hands would be filmed while I made one of Christina’s designs. I immediately said yes. But after walking out of the meeting, I had to stop and ask myself, “What the heck was I thinking?”

ABOVE: Photo © F+W Media, Inc. by David Baum.

kumihimo wirework made easy

©F+W Media, Inc. by David Baum.

True confession time: aside from an introductory metals class in college, I haven’t spent much time making jewelry. Prior to signing on to being a hand model, I had only just dipped a toe into the basic braids in Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy. I was a long way from feeling confident in my ability to make kumihimo jewelry, let alone do so in front of a camera. But thanks to my big mouth and always wanting to help, I had to learn, and fast.

After deciding that I would be making the Elegant Bracelet for the video, I dove into some serious braiding time. I ended up making the bracelet three or four times. For extra practice, I even went as far as to make a few other projects from the book. I was surprised with just how approachable and downright addicting Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy became for me.

learn to make kumihimo wire jewelry with kumihimo wirework made easy

Me trying to keep my hands from shaking too much in front of the camera.

While I was still nervous to be in front of a camera (I think if you look close you can notice me shaking, sorry about that), by the day of the video shoot, I was definitely feeling more confident in my kumihimo skills. I’m still far from being an expert, but I can honestly say Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy really does make it just that: easy! Thanks to Christina’s gorgeous designs, and our awesome video team, the resulting promotional video ended up looking amazing, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it!

Happy braiding!
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