3 FREE Leather Jewelry-Making Projects

You'll love these 3 FREE leather jewelry making projects in this eBook from Interweave.Adding a touch of leather to your metal jewelry designs changes the personality instantly! The soft, sumptuous feel and look of leather brings a funky chic to your designs. In these leather jewelry making projects, leather becomes a conduit for showing off some beautiful metal and wirework. Use these ideas to jumpstart your journey into adding leather to your designs. It’s a whole new direction and it’s bound to be great!


Get your FREE, exclusive eBook, Leather Jewelry Making: 3 Free Projects on How to Make Leather Jewelry, today to discover great tips, techniques and free jewelry patterns from the experts. Create leather bracelets, chokers and even leather earrings, and you’ll be hooked after experiencing this type of mixed-media jewelry making!

Discover how to make leather jewelry with these free leather jewelry designs using different materials, such as metal, simple techniques and wirework to assist you in creating jewelry pieces that are trendy, refreshing and fun!

Leather Jewelry Making Projects You’ll Find Inside:

Metal and Leather Bracelet

Learn how to make a leather bracelet in this FREE leather jewelry making eBook.
Western Influence by Linda Larsen
Hand-forged metal and leather are a natural combination that look great together. This DIY leather bracelet is very comfortable to wear and perfect for a casual outfit. Easy to make and with a great handmade look.

How to Make Leather Earrings

Learn how to make leather earrings in this FREE leather jewelry making eBook.
Fleur de Lis by Denise Peck
There’s no disputing that leather is hot in jewelry making right now! You can even buy flat leather lacing in your local craft store. Get a few yards of
it and cut it into perfect earring-sized strips and make this earring with any of your favorite briolette stones!

Rustic Leather and Bronze Choker

Make this rustic leather and bronze choker in this free eBook on leather jewelry making projects.
Wired Vine by Linda Larsen
Forging is a process of working metal to a finished shape by hammering. It’s considered a “hot” process because the metal must be annealed to keep it from getting brittle. Annealing requires that you heat the metal to a dull red with a torch and then quench it in cool water when the redness disappears. This has to be done as you move the metal into shape as it becomes “work hardened” and brittle. For this heavy-gauge wire, you will need a pretty hot torch such as MAPP gas from the hardware store.

These free leather jewelry making patterns are essential for any jewelry maker learning how to make leather jewelry.

Follow step-by-step leather jewelry making projects to learn how to use your creativity to make a personal statement through something you can wear. Learning how to make leather jewelry designs is very trendy, so don’t miss out on these FREE leather jewelry making projects in the eBook, Leather Jewelry Making: 3 Free Projects on How to Make Leather Jewelry, to get you started … it’s easier than you think!



Happy Leather Making!

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