Learn to Design Wire Jewelry on a Jig LIVE with Brenda Schweder

When I first started making metal jewelry, I didn't want a lot of tools and certainly not a bunch of specialty tools. I'm still pretty thrifty like that–but between you and me, I feel myself going to the dark side! I'm still getting by just fine without things like a tumbler, I hardly ever use my flex shaft, and I don't suppose I'll ever get a rolling mill . . . but show me some fancy new hammers, brilliant pliers, or other hand-held jewelry-making tools and gadgets, and I can't control myself!

So you can imagine what happened in Tucson earlier this year when I visited Brenda Schweder's space at a bead show. I wanted to check out Brenda's new hand-held jig pliers, so she handed me some wire and one of her Now That's A Pliers! . . . and within minutes, I was hooked.

using wire jigs to make wire jewelry

It combined the hand-tool thing I love with the ease and efficiency of a jig, which before then I hadn't fully appreciated. I swirled the wire around and around, two loops, then three, then four–and when I was done, I had what looked kind of like a family of wire snowmen. But it was much more!

I had a real "aha" moment. I had a tool that forced me to think about how to be creative with just four posts to play with, and having parameters like that really fuels my creativity. I also had a way to make multiple identical (or coordinating) wire jewelry shapes quickly and easily. I had a way to make wire do things that my hands alone just couldn't do–and this was steel wire!

wire necklace created on a jig by Brenda Schweder

If you've never used a jig or just aren't quite sure what all a wire jewelry-making jig can do for you, join the queen of wire jigs herself, Brenda Schweder, for Designing Wire Jewelry on a Jig, a live web seminar on Wednesday, June 24, at 1pm ET.

In the webinar with Brenda, you'll start at the beginning, learning some history about jigs and the various kinds there are on the market, before progressing on to learning how, when, and why you should use one. But don't worry, this isn't a commercial for Brenda's jigs. You'll learn invaluable information that can be applied to any wire jig, even ones you make yourself. You'll also learn:

  • how wire jigs can make your work easier on your hands, making them suitable for crafters who have trouble with carpal tunnel, arthritis, and some other hand issues
  • how to use a jig for making "smooth, consistent, and precise wire forms"
  • how to make multiples and complex forms, as well as findings, chain links, and more on a jig
  • how a jig makes repetitive work easier
  • how to reduce the need for measuring wire before you begin
wire jewelry designed on a jig by Brenda Schweder

"Our jewelry pliers act as extensions of our hands–holding and moving wire into loops and angles–while a wire jig does all that and more simultaneously," Brenda says. "Plus, by virtue of having two hands to move the wire around the tool, smooth, consistent and repeatable shapes are easy to achieve and easier on the body!"

Join us live on Wednesday, June 24, at 1pm ET to learn about wire jigs from the best possible expert source–or register now and enjoy the recorded version at your convenience later, if you can't join us for the live event. Either way, you won't want to miss Designing Wire Jewelry on a Jig LIVE with Brenda Schweder!

About the instructor: Brenda Schweder is an artist, author, teacher, columnist, inventor of Now That's a Jig!, and collaborator with Swanstrom Tools USA for the hand-held wire jig Now That's a Pliers!. She's written several jewelry-making books and is a 2015 Step by Step Wire Jewelry Artist of the Year. Her designs and fashion jewelry forecasts have been published hundreds of times in books and magazines. Schweder writes a column on cultivating personal creativity and has been a guest on Beads, Baubles & Jewels with Katie Hacker and Craftcast with Alison Lee. Visit her web site at BrendaSchweder.com and find her on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and her very own YouTube channel.

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