Learn to Bezel Set Cabochons with Ann Cahoon in a Unique Learning Opportunity

There's nothing quite like taking a jewelry-making class with an expert. Mixed in with all of the great information and project instruction, there are usually a whole slew of priceless tips that help you take advantage of their years (decades, even) of experience and master your craft.


Another thing I love about taking jewelry courses is interacting with other students. Everyone has such a unique path–some may be total newbies who have never turned on a torch and some may be nearly as skilled as the instructor, just taking the class for a refresher or because they simply like the project being made. Either way, there's fun to be had and something to be learned from everyone, and I love interacting with the other students who are in class with me.

So for all of these reasons, I'm really excited about our new Craft University jewelry-making courses. Our first classes are taught by Ann Cahoon, a masterful jewelry maker and goldsmith who shares her years of experience in setting stones in bezels. And while these courses aren't in a classroom, you'll still get the same one-on-one live interaction with Ann that you would get in a typical classroom setting–perhaps more, even, because you'll be interacting one to one during your own time, not sharing her time simultaneously with other students. There's value in shared knowledge too, of course, so our Craft U courses come with the added benefit of interaction with other students as well as Ann, in several ways: Students can chat amongst themselves and/or with Ann on the message boards, and students can privately message Ann to ask questions or to get specific feedback on a lesson or any trouble they're having, as well as sharing photos of their work either with Ann privately or with Ann and the whole class for group discussion and feedback. It's all done on your own time, too–if you're a night owl who doesn't even get going until midnight, chances are someone else in your class is the same way. You can work whenever you want and send messages whenever you want.

So if you're interested in learning to set cabochons in bezel settings, don't miss our next Craft U course with Ann Cahoon. Learn more and register for How to Bezel Set Cabochon Stones.

Hurry, class starts on August 5 and you don't want to miss this unique learning opportunity!

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