Learn Smart Gemstone Buying with Expert Gemologist John Heusler

  Kaily Agate pendant by John Heusler, GG

After a few years of being "Facebook friends" with John Heusler, G.G., I finally had the pleasure of meeting him in Tucson this year and buying some stones that he not only cut but discovered himself. His booth at the Electric Park show was abuzz with industry friends and buyers coming to see the hottest new thing, which John always seems to be involved with! If you've read Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine in the past few years, you've surely seen John's gemstones and jewelry, as well as tales about his mining adventures discovering stones like Jessite and Kaily Agate, both of which John named after his daughters.

Clearly, this guy knows his stuff! So we're super excited to bring his knowledge directly to you in a live gem-buying web seminar.

Effectively Buying Gemstones and Identifying Obstacles with John Heusler, G.G.

Wednesday, May 13, at 1pm ET

If you've ever been lucky enough to attend the Tucson gem and mineral shows–or any gem show, really–you know how overwhelming it can be to make smart purchases. All of the vendors are pro salespeople, eager to offer their wares in the best light. They all seem like experts–and many of them are–but many of them are not. And when they all seem like experts, it's hard to know what and who to trust. I hear so many remorseful stories about even knowledgeable, experienced jewelry makers buying what they think are genuine gemstones only to learn later that they have actually bought similar stones, faux stones, or even just glass.

Jessite bangle by John Heusler, GG  

Even if you're sure that the gems you're considering are the real deal, how do you decide which among them are right for you and your project? John will provide tips and advice for buying gemstones that are best for your jewelry designs, how to pick the cream of the crop, what to look for when buying stones, and even how to find reputable dealers and get the best prices.

After all that, you'll have the opportunity to ask John your own gem buying questions and get his expert advice.

Click through for more details and sign up soon for Effectively Buying Gemstones and Identifying Obstacles with John Heusler, G.G.! There are a limited number of spots available, and with this popular topic, they'll fill up fast. Don't miss your chance to learn gem buying tactics from a gemologist with decades of experience!

About the Instructor:

John F. Heusler, G. G. (GIA) is a gemologist, jewelry designer, and lapidary who has been cutting gems and making jewelry for over 45 years. He is an award-winning designer for both his jewelry design and gem cutting. He owned and operated a fine jewelry store in St. Louis, MO, for 31 years. John has a Facebook page, Heusler Academy, where he shows his newest creations. He teaches classes in jewelry design, lapidary, and carving gemstones. John has traveled to locations all over the world to collect gems. He digs many of his own gemstones which he cuts and sells online, at fine art shows, and at gem and mineral shows. His newest discoveries are Jessite and Kaily Agate, which are named after his two daughters Jessica and Kaily. He has written "how-to" tutorials and in-depth articles for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist on both gems that were featured in 2014.


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