Lampwork Glass Beads: Favorite Jewelry Projects

Sometimes we just get so enamored with jewelry-making goodies that we have to put ourselves on a stash diet for our own good. For metal clay enthusiasts, I think it's probably texture sheets (if not metal clay itself). There's always a new color or style that we have to have, so I can't blame the knitters who collect yarn, beaders who collect beads, and polymer clay artists who collect clay. I may or may not fall into all of these categories . . . and don't get me started on paper . . . sweet, lovely paper. . . . Ahem.

For me, though, where I really get in trouble is collecting lampwork glass beads. Second only to gemstones in my case, loving lampwork glass beads can be a really expensive habit. There are so many talented lampwork designers making beautiful beads and glass art that I just get overwhelmed with it all, and the scale on which they make their beautiful little masterpieces just adds to their charm.

Being overwhelmed at their abundance hasn't stopped me from collecting lampwork glass beads. (Collecting is a much nicer word than hoarding, don't you think?) I added to "my preciousss" collection in Tucson this year with lampwork glass beads by Gail Crossman Moore (fan of hers for years) and Sylvie Lansdowne. They're in good company with a cupcake from Ellie Mac Beads, a pig and some flower beads by my friend and lampwork teacher Marcy Lamberson, and a variety of glass beads by Bronwen Heilman and many others who, unfortunately, I didn't think to keep track of. I wish lampwork glass beads were hallmarked like vintage English silver!

Just in time for me to start deciding what to make with these lovelies, our eProjects sale popped up in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop. Serendipity! Here are some jewelry-making projects to highlight your favorite lampwork glass beads.

Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces Starring Your Favorite Lampwork Glass Beads


Jennifer Heynen's
Candy Charm Bracelet

Cassie Donlen's
Summer Garden Bracelet


Cassie Donlen's
Heart Bangle

Linda Inhelder's
Swirls and Cages Bracelet

Ania Kyte's
Lentils on Leather


Trish Kirkham's
Guarding Beauty

Stephanie Serisch's
Toadstool Tweets

Jennifer Judd-Velasquez's
Yummy Lemonade

Making lampwork glass beads was one of the most fun and exciting jewelry-making experiences I've ever had. Marcy invited me to her studio for lessons last year, and I had a BLAST! Now that I know how easy the process is–but how skillful you have to be to get designs just right–I'm even more in awe of the amazing glass beads that I see lampwork artists like Marcy create. Here are some fun projects for those of you interested in learning how to make your own lampwork glass beads, too, all by glass artist Ginny Sycuro.

Watermelon Beads Italian Lace and
Millefiore Beads
Whimsical Whirligig Beads

. . . and don't miss Ginny's Carrots, Flower Beads, and Butterflies.

Check out these lampwork and jewelry projects and hundreds more in every jewelry-making technique you can imagine, all on sale now through March 8, 2012, in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop!


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