Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: Infinity Ring

When Christina Larsen was coming up with designs for her book Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy, she knew it waned to challenger herself by including a wire kumihimo ring. The result was the Infinity Ring, and a fabulous solution to the troubles that can happen while making wire kumihimo jewelry.

This delicate ring cleverly incorporates the ends of the braid back into the design, making for a continuous ring.

The design of the Infinity Ring lends itself easily to size modification and is even offered with instructions on how to include a center bead or stone.

Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: Infinity Ring

From Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: Infinity Ring Variation. Image courtesy of David Baum.

Project Details

Ring shown measures ½” (1.3 cm) wide


Required Materials
• 6-2/3” (2 m) of 22-gauge wire

Required Tools
• Measuring tape
• Wire cutters or flush cutters
• Electrical tape
• Square kumihimo disk
• Ring mandrel
• A pair of chain-nose pliers

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