Just Do It, Like I Did It: Learn to Solder Jewelry with Lexi Plus Three Free Days of Learning

  sterling silver soldered flower ring

At a family reunion recently, one of my sweet cousins was looking at my flower ring and asked me if making jewelry was hard. I immediately said no, "I think the hardest part is controlling the torch flame during soldering." Well how did I learn to do that, she wanted to know? I had a great teacher, I told her.

Lexi Erickson taught me everything I know about soldering metal jewelry. And then I just did it, and it wasn't hard. But looking back, it seemed hard at the time–like patting your head and rubbing your tummy–plus fire.

torch fire sterling silver flower ring pieces on firing brick  

It hasn't been that long since I wrote that "soldering seems hard because it is hard." But now I've changed my mind. It did seem hard, until Lexi taught me how to do it and then I just did it. And she can teach you how to solder, too. With Lexi's two-part soldering video tutorial, you'll learn every aspect of soldering, from how to set up a safe and efficient soldering station to how to complete even the most detailed and advanced soldering tasks. You'll learn how to manage your torch flame, how to use flux to judge temperatures and timing, and how to create perfect solder joins every time.

Watching and learning how to solder along with Lexi's video tutorials is the next best thing to learning from her one-on-one in her studio, and you can see both of her soldering video workshops–along with many other full-length jewelry-making technique videos–on Craft Daily.

  silver solder melt and flow on sterling silver flower ring

Subscribe for a month or for the entire year, for all crafts or just for jewelry–it's up to you. However you do it, take a snack, because you're in for hours and hours of fun learning. Watch as often as you want until you've mastered the jewelry-making skills you want to learn–and by then there will be new jewelry technique videos added! If you're curious, see for yourself–you can enjoy unlimited access to over 125 Craft Daily video workshops during a free 3-day trial. Just put the free trial in your shopping cart, use coupon code FAVECRAFTS during checkout, and enjoy! (Remember, bring a snack!)

Meanwhile, here's how to make my flower ring and solder the components, the way Lexi taught me to do it. It has been almost two years now since I made it during my first metalsmithing lessons with Lexi. I still wear it every day and I still get compliments on it nearly every day–along with questions about selling similar pieces. While I made this one the long, hard, "learning lessons" way (as you can see in the instructions), I've finally discovered faster, easier, and less expensive ways to make it, including cutting the flowers from a 1" wide sterling sheet strip using metal shears before texturing and dapping them. Snipping small sections away from a flower shape is much easier than sawing the curvy shapes out of metal sheet–which is where most of the time and hand fatigue comes from in this project. Cutting that labor makes it less expensive to make and more cost effective to sell. Make it however you like, but I hope you'll make one for yourself and enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine!

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