Jewelry Studio: Create a Stump, a Great DIY Project

Studio Notes: On making a stump.

I think I saw this idea originally in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. My stump is a hunk of maple 30 inches high and 12 inches across, courtesy of a local logger. It’s perfect for hallmarking, forming, riveting and other hammering tasks, which must be done on a sturdy work surface.

When the bark fell off, I blackened the wood lightly with a torch. Then I punched holes in a leather belt, and used screws, washers and a cordless drill to attach it to my stump, creating loops for my hammers.

For the picture, I decided to dress up and put on some nice shoes. Can’t explain that.

Betsy Lehndorff is a Michigan silversmith and has been writing for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 2010. Her latest article, Tube and Chain Necklace with Pearl, appeared in the March 2017 issue.

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  1. Jennifer S at 10:17 am June 28, 2017

    Love tree stump idea. Unfortunately no room. My metal working is on sturdy Oak dining table with blanket and thick plywood to protect. But the stump is great.

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