In the Jewelry Studio with Jewelry Artist and Lapidary Jeff Fulkerson

You’ve seen his work in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine and in his video tutorials as classes at jewelry shows across the country. Let’s get to know lapidary and jewelry artist Jeff Fulkerson in #StudioSunday.

JMD: Let’s start at the beginning: Please tell us a little about your jewelry background.
Jeff: I started making jewelry when I was 16. I got a little book, followed the directions and made a turquoise and silver ring, and it looked like a ring!

JMD: When did you first know you were a jewelry artist?
Jeff: I really didn’t consider myself an artist until about 14 years ago when I got serious about making jewelry.

Jeff Fulkerson jewelry artist studio

JMD: What’s the best jewelry-making tip you were ever given?
Jeff: Sometimes you goofed. Toss it in the scrap pile and move on.

JMD: What tools are personally most vital to your craft, and why?
Jeff: I would say the jeweler’s saw, because it is so versatile. I use it in almost every piece I make.

jewelry artist studio Jeff Fulkerson

JMD: Which jewelry artists and designers do you enjoy most?
Jeff: Jesse Monongya, Michael Boyd, and Lee Yazzie

JMD: Is there a person or persons that you credit with your passion for jewelry making?
Jeff: Michael Anthony Cheathem reignited my fire about 14 years ago, and I will always be grateful to him for that.

jewelry studio of Jeff Fulkerson

JMD: What do you like to do, other than designing and making jewelry?
Jeff: Teach, play guitar, travel, buy more rough so I can make more jewelry!

I’ve never met a nicer guy in all of the jewelry industry than Jeff Fulkerson, and I’m honored to call him my friend. And he’s so talented! His inlay work is not to be missed; check out his website to see his inlay jewelry and gemstones, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram. If you can’t make it to one of his classes, you can learn basic metalsmithing and how to create armfuls of bracelets in Jeff’s top-rated video, One-Hour Bracelets.

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