Bring National Craft Month into the Studio

Karla and her studio, just waiting for organization inspiration to strike this National Craft Month.March is National Craft Month! And I’m looking at it as a fantastic opportunity, not only to craft and create but also to get organized. I recently moved to a new, much larger home. For the first time, I’ll actually have space to store my jewelry-making supplies in a dedicated, easily accessible space. Of course, as I just moved in a couple of months ago, my “craft closet” is still very disorganized and my bench is still cluttered. (Check out the photos to see what I mean). So my plan for the rest of the month is to sort and purge and organize everything as I already have for the other rooms in the house.

Something like the modular organization and storage systems from is exactly what I need. It would be great to have all my tools and metals and findings and stones and chains and cords and whatever sorted and right at hand for when I need them. It would be so much better than pawing through various boxes. “Now, where on earth did I put those brass rivets? I know they’re here! Somewhere.” And once I do get organized, it would be a great time to lay in even MORE stuff – like supplies from places like Shiana, Venetian Bead Shop, Fusion Beads, and more of my favorites. They are celebrating craft month along with us, so be sure to check out all they have happening on their sites too.

So yes, that’s my Craft Month plan. What’s yours?

Venetian Beads
Venetian Bead Shop
Authentic Murano Glass Beads and Venetian Beads, PerlaVita, Precious Metal Findings, Wire, Tools, Swarovski for Jewelry Making. Retail/Wholesale.
Modular craft organization and storage solutions. Doors, drawers, shelves and more. Many available in 5 colors. National Craft Month Special: 3/11-26. Save up to 10%. Always free shipping.
Fusion Beads
Fusion Beads
Join us for our annual 30 Day Bead Challenge! Challenge yourself to follow along and expand your beading horizons!
Fair Trade artisans create inspirational fine silver jewelry components by SHIANA. Click to see our collection, or request custom items!

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