Jewelry Making with a Butane Torch: Three Models Demystified with Kate Richbourg

  Kate Richbourg jewelry-making instructor and expert

What a treat we have for you! The oh-so-fun, oh-so-creative Kate Richbourg is back for another live web seminar–this time to help you learn all there is to know about three top butane torches and then decide which one (or two, or three) is best for you.

Jewelry Making with a Butane Torch:

Three Models Demystified with Kate Richbourg

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 1pm ET

Kate has chosen her top three versatile butane micro torches to share with you in detail. You'll learn how to light them, fill them, and maintain them for maximum life and safety. She'll go over the high points of each one, explaining its pros and cons–what it is ideal for and what it isn't best suited for–so you'll be able to make an informed decision and find the best one or ones for your needs. As always, Kate will review safety guidelines for using a torch, especially when using a butane torch in a small space. And if you have any questions about choosing and using butane torches, she'll answer them!

ball-end big prong wire rings for stones by Kate Richbourg

"I am really excited about this webinar, because I will be discussing three torches that anyone and everyone can use," Kate says. "The three things I love about these three torches include (but are not limited to): price ('Wow, that's all?' to 'Hey, that's less expensive than I thought!'), ease of use ('Fill it, light it, use it. That was easy and not scary at all!'), and space ('You mean I don't have to turn half of my house into a jewelry studio?')."

If you're new to using a flame in your studio and want guidance on choosing the right torch for what you want to make, this web seminar is for you! And even if you're familiar with using a torch but want to learn the value of using different torches for different tasks, this web seminar is for you, too! "I have each of these torches in my studio and they each serve a definite purpose," Kate says. "After this class you'll know exactly how to use these beauties and which one (or all) is for you."

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Join Kate on Wednesday, April 15 at 1pm ET for a fun and fabulous lesson on three butane torches, and remember, it's okay if you can't join us live; your registration ensures that you'll receive a link to the complete recording after the live event so you can watch it all at your leisure.

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