Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners: 3 Do It Yourself Accessories Projects Anyone Can Try

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MAKING YOUR OWN JEWELRY IS EASY! If you’ve always wanted to learn to make jewelry, check out these super simple jewelry making tutorials for beginners. You don’t need a studio full of tools or expensive equipment. And much of what these designs are made with, you may already have lying around! You will, however, need a nice pair of chain-nose pliers, which are like household needle-nose pliers, but without teeth. The beautiful button earrings are made from craft wire and two-hole buttons. Imagine the possibilities of that! Craft wire is coated copper wire available at your local craft store in an array of colors. Colored wire would look beautiful with these whimsical buttons.

You can use the same craft wire to make the hoop earrings. I just wound some pretty, thin cord around one pair. The other pair, I slipped on some favorite beads before making the bends at the ends.

And if you have a collection of those fun souvenir smashed pennies, check out the simple bracelet connecting a bunch of them! If you don’t have a metal hole punch, just use a household awl, or a nail and hammer to punch the holes on each end of the penny.

Once you get a taste of making your own jewelry, you’ll be hooked! Then check out the Interweave store for lots more style, inspiration and help shop. You’ll be making jewelry daily!

Denise Peck, Editor in chief, Step by Step Wire Jewelry

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