3 Free Jewelry Projects for Beginners

Learn how to make jewelry with this eBook that contains free projects on jewelry making for beginners.I’ll never forget the first “real” piece of jewelry I made, the first time I soldered two pieces of metal together, the first time I hammered flat metal into a three-dimensional design. It was the beginning of a long, rewarding, FUN pastime (and career) that I know I’ll never grow tired of, with so many new things to learn. This free ebook, Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners: 3 Do It Yourself Accessories Anyone Can Try, includes a broad range of styles, materials and techniques on jewelry making for beginners.


Naturally, I love making jewelry so much, I want to spread the love and share this creative hobby with everyone. So we’ve compiled three projects that even the newest beginner can create without a lot of investment—in tools, supplies, money, or time. But be warned: We know you’ll have the jewelry-making fever once you make these great accessories and the compliments start rolling in!

Nothing is as rewarding as learning how to make your own jewelry and being able to wear it with pride or make it the most personal of gifts. Nothing expresses your own style and personality like a piece of original artisan jewelry that you designed and made yourself. And nothing is quite as satisfying as the act of making jewelry yourself: from selecting your design and gathering your tools and materials to arriving at the final cleanup and suddenly holding that beautiful, finished piece in your very own hands.

The perfect companion to learn how to make jewelry, this beginner jewelry making eBook is full of beautiful projects and jewelry instructions to make jewelry that is sure to get noticed.

Here are the Jewelry Making for Beginners Projects:

DIY Earrings with Buttons

Learn how to make button earrings in this jewelry making for beginners eBook.
How to Make Button Earrings Super Fast
That’s right. This design is particularly satisfying if you have a stash of irresistible buttons for which you just don’t seem to have a use.

Create Jewelry with Coins

Learn how to make this coin bracelet in this free eBook on jewelry making for beginners.
DIY Coin Jewelry
If you’ve ever been on the quintessential US road trip, you’ll probably have a stack of these pressed pennies sitting around your house. Declutter without throwing them away by repurposing them into bracelets! You’ll learn simple chain maille techniques in this tutorial

DIY Hoop Earrings

Learn how to make earrings with these easy hoop earrings found in our FREE eBook on jewelry making for beginners.
How to Make Hoop Earrings in 5 Minutes
Never underestimate the versatility of the basic DIY hoop earring, especially since it’s so easy to make! This five minute project will leave you with basic DIY earrings with hoops in any size you’d like, and the shape makes it easy to add embellishments like spacers, beads or wire wrapping.

You’ll get jewelry making ideas for all of the DIY jewelry projects you’ve been eager to get your hands on. You’ll learn techniques from chain maille, wire wrapping and more. You’ll find jewelry that’s flexible, organic, geometric, and inspiring, so you can make it as shown or take what you learn to design jewelry that is uniquely yours. So pull out your pliers, find your findings, and set up your bench.

Whether you want to make jewelry to give, sell, wear or express yourself, you’ll discover intriguing forms, clever connections, and clear, illustrated jewelry making instructions from experts to guide you along the way. It’s all in this exclusive, free guide on jewelry making for beginners. Call these jewelry instructions what you will, they’re there to help you learn how to make jewelry. So pull out your pliers, warm up your kiln, find your files, set up your torch, and start making your own jewelry today.

Download your free copy of Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners: 3 Do It Yourself Accessories Anyone Can Try now, and be sure to share this page with your friends and family so they, too, can get the jewelry-making fever!



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