Jewelry Making Online Course Subscriptions: The Hot New Way to Learn!

Learning how to do something (like jewelry making) from scratch is not as easy as it sounds . . . as an adult! When we were kids, we welcomed learning with open arms and enthusiastically ran full steam ahead. Then we grew up and began “adulting.” Admitting we didn’t know something became not only intimidating but down right hard to show the world!

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“A true master is an eternal student.” — fortune cookie

Confidence quickly melts away when we’re faced with a blank slate and a desire to venture into the unknown–to make sense of that spool of thread and that tiny pile of beads on a brand-spankin’ new bead board; or becoming comfortable with a little torch that shoots out FLAMES in order to fire some clay that turns into metal–WHAT? The remarkable result is an alchemy-type metamorphosis into beautiful jewelry like these metal clay earrings.

Creating Online Courses for Jewelry Making

As the Creative Video Producer heading up Talent Acquisition for the Interweave Bead and Jewelry Group, I have the delightful opportunity to find great talent and produce jewelry making videos and online courses for our bead and jewelry making peeps. Each course is carefully researched, planned, organized, tweaked, and filmed with you all in mind!

Since I am a jewelry designer, too, I have the same questions and curiosity my fellow jewelry making peeps have, so my goal with each course is to teach you something new as well as entertain you! I love taking beginners by the hand and opening a new door of creativity for exploring, as we did with Tammy Honaman’s beginning bead weaving courses.

learn jewelry making in online courses and course subscriptions

Hannah, Kristal, and Tammy on set of Tammy’s beginner beading courses.

Learn Jewelry Making with eCourses

There are many ways to learn a new skill. One of the reasons I enjoy my job is I love learning from video eCourses. It’s visual and you can replay it as many times as it takes to stick in your little noggin (I speak from direct experience!). There are jewelry making techniques I simply cannot “get” until I watch it over and over again. Beading expert and fan favorite Kinga Nichols’ luscious bead embroidery is one of them. I was bound and determined to conquer her stunning techniques, and it was a delight to lounge in my jammies at midnight ripping out my thread one last time before the CLICK happened in my brain–and then I couldn’t stop!

Kinga Nichols and Kristal on the jewelry making set

Kinga Nichols and Kristal having fun on the bead embroidery eCourse set.

Or take Carol Cypher’s intriguing polygon stitch tutorials. The result is fabulously ornate, yet the process is pretty simple. She was a riot in the jewelry making studio, and I love her patience in teaching the fascinating polygon and African helix stitches.  Once you learn the basics of these beading stitches, Carol takes you a step further to incorporate beautiful Swarovski crystals (my personal fave) and other stones in her Beyond the Basics course.

learn bead jewelry making with Carol Cypher

Carol Cypher and Kristal being beady on the polygon stitch eCourse set.

Master Jewelry Making from Your Living Room!

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking jewelry making classes in person, but when you can’t fly all over the country to take classes (still buying lottery tickets for this very reason), we bring them right to your living room!

There’s a mystery to working with fire, and it seems makers are in one of two distinct categories–intimidated or intrigued! Some move closer to a flame and others back away quickly. One of the reasons I wanted to create some jewelry making courses using fire and clay is to remove the fear and intimidation of the righteous flame!

learn metal clay jewelry making with Darlene Armstrong

Darlene Armstrong and Kristal on set at Darlene’s jewelry school in Denver.

Our metal clay courses use either the kiln or torch, and many clearly show you how to master both. I personally like them for different reasons; when producing many pieces in a production-type mode, I use the kiln. For the same reason, I love my crock pot; it’s mainly because I’m lazy. Set the dial and walk away! But if you’re an immediate gratification oriented type of maker, you’ll love the torch. Within minutes, you have a finished piece of jewelry! Darlene Armstrong and Jackie Truty show you metal clay jewelry making every step of the way in our courses.

learn metal clay jewelry making

Jackie Truty and Kristal had loads of fun on set!

Due to years of requests from my beady peeps desiring MORE jewelry making tutorials from my popular book, Fabulous Fabric Beads, it was time to let the camera roll! I had a little help from my friends Sparkle and Bling on set, and it was a riot! Showing the basics of making fabric beads and also embracing the calming mindfulness of Zen Doodle Beads proved to be timely and popular. Simple, inexpensive and customizable, these jewelry making techniques are like potato chips–you can’t stop with just one!

learn jewelry making with Kristal

Kristal with her top two assistants, Sparkle & Bling, on the Fabulous Fabric Beads eCourse set.

After Making Jewelry, Learn to Sell It!

And finally, with all this spectacular jewelry you’ve created, maybe it’s time to sell it?! Carolyn Edlund is a master at selling handmade work, no matter the medium. She has coached and given workshops on this for years, and I wanted to bring it to all of YOU!

Sure, in jewelry making, first you start out making for your family and friends’ birthdays (don’t forget about yourself too). Before long, you’re hiding the bead stashes and supply cupboard like it’s stolen booty from the Titanic! Next thing you see is the eye rolling and heavy sighs when they open yet another piece of lovely jewelry from you. At this point it’s time to ask yourself, “Is it time to sell a few things to support this delightful jewelry making habit?” YES it is, and Carolyn will help guide you in developing your signature jewelry making style  and selling it.

after jewelry making, master jewelry business!

Carolyn Edlund sharing jewelry business and display goodness with Kristal on set.

Binge on Jewelry Making Courses with a Subscription!

Clearly, there are a lot of jewelry making techniques to learn and many methods of learning them. But nothing beats some binge weekends watching ALL of our jewelry making courses! And you can now do just that with our new subscription option. When you’ve already blasted through Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, get serious! Make yourself comfy on the sofa, and grab your beads. Then get started on your creative journey with us here at Interweave!


Learn more jewelry making techniques with our online courses!


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