Jewelry Making for Knitters, Crochet for Beaders: Introducing Craft Daily, All Types of Craft for All Us Crafty Types

The past few weeks have been exciting times for all of us at F + W Media and Interweave, because we've been hard at work on a big fun secret that we can finally share: Our newest creative cousin, Craft Daily, is live!

Being a long-time "crossover crafter" who dabbles in paper crafts and mixed media, knitting, sewing, and some others, I'm extra excited about Craft Daily. I know you will be too, because whether you're a jewelry maker or weaver, quilter or beader, mixed-media artist or crochet fan, you'll find so many things to love about Craft Daily, where you can watch videos all month (or all year!) long for one subscription price. There are over 100 hours of video instruction and tutorials there already, and more are being added every week!

With your subscription to Craft Daily, you can watch all the new ones as they're published, too. Subscribe for a month or for the entire year, and everything Craft Daily offers will be at your fingertips, day or night, from anywhere. If you're really into one of the categories on Craft Daily and not at all interested in the others, you can get a "niche" subscription just for your chosen category, too (such as Jewelry and Beading only).

Either way you want to do it, it's a great value (as little as $11.99 a month!) packed full of informative how-tos and video workshops by experts in all kinds of crafty fields. Whether you want to master your current craft passions or learn new ones, Craft Daily is a fun new destination for creatives. In addition to the 100+ hours of videos, here are some other great features of Craft Daily:

  • You can watch the 100+ hours of videos in a variety of formats–on your computer of course, but you can also watch on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) as well as many Android-powered devices (including Kindle Fire, etc.). You can even stream the videos to your television via an iPhone, iPad, or by using AirPlay with an AppleTV.
  • Video Bookmarks allow you to save your place and easily snap back to it if you get interrupted or need to review an important technique again.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming–which is a fancy way of saying Craft Daily offers the most interruption-free watching experience possible. (Here's the nitty gritty on that: If you're watching on a "slower" Internet connection, the Craft Daily platform can detect that and will stream the best version of the video file for your available bandwidth, just like sites such as YouTube and Netflix. So rather than you being stuck in an infinite "buffering" loop when your bandwidth isn't operating at prime capacity, the system will adapt your stream to temporarily feed you a lower-resolution version of the video more quickly, so you can keep watching without all those stops and starts.)
  • Ratings & Reviews allow you to see what videos other users love the most–and you can add your own two cents as well, to rate the videos you watch. You can also add videos to your Favorites list to get to them easily (kind of like a Netflix queue–very handy!).
  • We're pleased to be one of the first sites of our kind to offer Closed Captioning on a streaming site.

Learn more about and be one of the first to subscribe to this fun new site!

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