Jewelry Making Classes: Learn Drilling for All Skill Levels at Bead Fest Spring

by Missy Stearns, Event Marketing Coordinator- Consumer Events

Bead Fest Spring is offering up a plethora of new techniques for you to learn this April 9 -12 in Oaks, Pennsylvania, including the ever-popular drilling! Returning instructors like Kieu Pham Gray and Richard Salley are thrilled to be back, and as a treat, they're bringing you some brand-new workshops to try. Also added to Bead Fest's star-studded roster is NEW instructor Laurel Nathanson, who specializes in drilling and design.Laurel is a guest contributor to Jewelry Making Daily and a regular contributor to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist with her mixed-media metalsmithing feature.

Drilling is a technique that can be used in many different aspects of jewelry making. Want to learn more? Take a look at some of the workshops being offered this April that will take your drilling skills to the next level:

Silver and Bead Stack Rings by Laurel Nathanson

Silver and Bead Stack Rings by Laurel Nathanson

This beginners' workshop was designed to cover the basics of drilling, metalsmithing, wire work and soldering. During this 4-hour class, you will use sterling wire in a variety of gauges and improve your skills while perfecting your understanding of soldering fundamentals!

Stone Drilling with Kieu Pham Gray

Who Moved the Hole? Stone Drilling with Kieu Pham Gray

This brand-new workshop is perfect for jewelry makers of all levels–whether you're just starting out or you want to add to your design and drilling know-how. You'll learn the proper use of a flex shaft, new drilling techniques, metal stamping–and putting it all together.

Featured 2-Day Workshop: Presto Change-O with Richard Salley

Featured 2-Day Workshop: Presto Change-O with Richard Salley

This intermediate workshop will let you dive in deep to learn all you need to know about drilling from one of its experts! You will learn two hinge-making techniques and the basics of box clasp construction so you can add magic to your jewelry creations. Richard makes sure that all his students have a finished project to take home to show off to their friends and family at the end of his workshop.  

Looking for a perfect gift for a jewelry-loving friend? Think about getting them one of these workshops as a gift for the holidays! If that jewelry maker is you, don't be shy about telling your friends or family what you really want for the holidays–a trip to Bead Fest!

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