Open Torch Nights, Lampwork, Jewelry Making Classes and More: 5 Reasons You Must Attend Bead Fest Philadelphia

There is one time of year where your creative spirit can really soar. Let’s welcome back Bead Fest Philadelphia for another exciting year of jewelry making classes, shopping, and more! Bead Fest heads to Oaks, Pennsylvania just 25 miles outside of Philadelphia on August 21-23 (next week!)—and this year’s show, as always, is set to impress!
Head to to take a peek at the jewelry supply vendors who are going to be at the Expo and slowly map out a “list of must-see vendors” to visit. With hundreds of different booths to browse across the floor, you’ll definitely want to come with a “plan of attack.” Be sure to make it a point to visit some of the new jewelry-making tool and supply vendors to Bead Fest Philly this year and explore all of the shopping goodies they have to offer.

jewelry at Bead Fest

Trying to decide what to make time for? It’s easy…shopping, shopping and more shopping! Bead Fest Philadelphia is THE source for every jewelry-making tool, accessory, bead or wire to help make your year-round projects unique. Take advantage of the huge selection this jewelry-making event brings all under one roof.

After the long, painstaking wait for the largest Bead Fest of the year, the show begins . . . and it’s a weekend of creative bliss that go so fast because you’re having so much fun! Here are five things you will miss out on if you don’t head to Philadelphia next week:

  1. Lampworking! Bead Fest Philadelphia is the ONLY Bead Fest event that offers glass bead making workshops. Whether it is your favorite technique or just one that always catches your eye, next week is your chance to take advantage of everything lampworking.

    jewelry making shopping at Bead Fest

  2. Open Torch Nights! Check out the newest activity added to the Bead Fest plate—Open Torch Nights. Do you have a project you’d like to start but don’t have the space at home? Or do you want to just get a feel for something new? All are welcome to attend and try out some or all of the torches available or find the right torch for your business or hobby. These events are free!
  3. NEW Instructors! Who doesn’t love old faves like Kim St. Jean, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Richard Salley and others . . . and why not meet some newbies to the August event? 2015 Bead Fest Philadelphia welcomes 10 new jewelry-making instructors to the Bead Fest family. Check out workshops from just a few of them like Thomas Mann, Tracey Bell, and Erin Keck now!
  4. The Next Bead Fest isn’t until April 2016! Do you really want to be stuck inside all winter long without new jewelry-making techniques under your belt or fun new products on your craft shelves? Make time to explore the Expo aisles full of fun new beads, quality wire & metal selections, and more! Last chance for seven months!
  5. Inspiration! If there is one thing you know you can walk away from Bead Fest with, it’s inspiration. Every corner of this event is packed with opportunities for your creative imagination to take flight, whether in the jewelry workshops with the experts or even on the Expo floor, like in the $2 demo or make-n-take session at the Inspiration Playground!

Bead Fest jewelry making event show

So, what are you waiting for? Register online to beat the lines and get to Bead Fest Philadelphia next week!

Happy Jewelry-Making!

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