Jewelry for Fall: Free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Fall Leaves and Colors

"Fall always makes me think of trees and leaves, so here are three designs sure to bring thoughts of rich color, trees, raking leaves, and brisk walks in the woods to your studio," writes Helen Driggs, senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. "This selection of projects from the pages of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist is sure to please everyone, featuring tree and leaf designs, rich color, and several techniques to stretch your metalworking skills."

In this free eBook, you'll learn to make the Fossil Fern Pendant by Lexi Erickson, Metal Clay Leaves by Hadar Jacobson, and a Moonlit Landscape Pin/Pendant by Noël Yovovich. Other tips and techniques you'll learn in this free eBook include:

  • how to remove excess solder
  • how to raise a thin stone to better fit the setting
  • firing tips for copper, bronze, and silver metal clay
  • how to keep your drill bit from sliding around when you drill a hole in metal
  • piercing and sawing intricate details
  • how to choose the proper backing for a transparent or translucent stone

So download your copy of Jewelry for Fall: Jewelry Designs Inspired by Fall Colors now and have a fabulous time creating beautiful autumn-inspired jewelry!

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