Jewelry Designers, Take Note: 2018 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Jewelry Business

With the new year comes important new marketing trends to pay attention to, so you can advance your jewelry business. This is expected to be a big year, so here are four 2018 marketing trends to note.

A Transparent Brand Is King

Millennials are big on transparent brands. They love seeing behind-the-scenes photos published online that show how items are made. Jewelry designers have a hand up on this trend. By sharing photos of the creative process, your jewelry studio, and the materials you use in each accessory you create can make sure you’re engaging your audience and showing how your unique process works.

Live Video Is Taking Over

If you haven’t experimented with live video on Facebook, YouTube, other social platforms or your website, it’s time to try. This trend isn’t going away in 2018; in fact, 80% of customers would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. This means that brainstorming a live video strategy for your jewelry business is key. Have a creative hour where you show your audience what you’re working on. Host some time to show off your stash and studio. The possibilities are endless!

Engage Your Audience with Influencer Marketing

Your audience can help you spread the word about your jewelry business. Find a way to encourage them to post photos wearing your jewelry and using a specific hashtag. This will help spread the word about your brand not only with their friends and followers, who are potential customers, but anyone who engages with the custom hashtag.

Voice Search Will Continue To Grow

The number of people using digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google soared in 2017. This means savvy jewelry business owners are not only optimizing their content for desktop and mobile searches, they’re also considering voice searches and how their content can rank for this inevitable future.

Fortunately, 2018 offers limitless opportunity for jewelry business owners. How you take these marketing trends and run with them is what will set your jewelry business apart from your competition. Wishing you a profitable new year!


Ashley Lauwereins is a marketing professional by day and a jewelry designer for her own business Fifth Essence Jewelry by night. She resides in Colorado where she also enjoys hiking, running, and drinking craft beer.

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