Jewelry Business: How to Sell Handmade Jewelry At Craft Shows with Lorelei Eurto

After years of my biggest fan asking me why I don't sell jewelry at craft shows, I've finally decided to take the leap. (Thanks Mama!)

I've spent several hours making lists and collections of photos to help me narrow down the kinds of pieces I want to sell (and, therefore, the ones I need to make more of). I've also been scouring Pinterest for jewelry display ideas, which has helped me form an idea in my mind of the look I want for my booth. But all the rest of the details that come with selling handcrafted jewelry at craft shows? No idea. Plus it's fall festival and craft show time already, so time's a wastin'.

How to Sell Jewelry at Craft Shows

Lorelei Eurto  
Lorelei Eurto

Thank goodness I found out that Lorelei Eurto is presenting a live web seminar about selling jewelry at craft shows. Whenever I think of jewelry designers I know who really "get it," who make great jewelry and sell it successfully, Lorelei Eurto is one of the first names that comes to mind. Her live web seminar, The Business of Jewelry: How to Make Money Selling Jewelry at Craft Shows, is at 1pm ET on Tuesday, October 7, but if you can make it then, don't worry–everyone who registers for the live seminar will receive a download version later, so you won't miss a thing and you can refer back to it as often as you need to. But if you can make it to the live event, great news–you can ask Lorelei all of your own particular questions about selling jewelry at craft shows during the Q&A period.

The seminar is being hosted by JMD's sister site, Beading Daily, but don't be dissuaded by that–this information is for all kinds of jewelry makers, not just beaders. And whether you've sold your handmade jewelry at craft shows before or you're ready to take the leap for the first time, you (and I!) will learn lots of expert tips and procedures to make a positive and profitable craft show experience!

"You may already have an online store or website for selling your jewelry, but packing, transporting, displaying, and selling your jewelry at craft shows requires a completely different set of skills," says Jennifer Vanbenschoten, editor of Beading Daily, "not to mention jewelry displays, table coverings, and marketing materials." Selling at craft shows definitely has its own nuances and issues, and Lorelei is the person with the answers. Join us and get ready to be successful selling your handmade jewelry at upcoming holiday craft shows!

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