Jewelry Business: Get Organized for Holiday Jewelry Sales

by Cathleen McCarthy

Most people might not be thinking about holiday shopping yet, but makers and sellers of jewelry are busy getting ready for when customers do. This time of year, it’s not so much about creating new designs as ramping up production and getting organized so you can turn things around fast.

Stock Up On Supplies

Not just jewelry-making supplies, but packaging as well. Now is the time to order boxes, tissue, and note cards. Pick up paper packing tape and mailing labels; have everything where you need it so you’re ready to ship fast.

Jewelry artist Beth Cyr hired a professional organizer last year to get all her supplies in order, including shipping supplies. This lovely closet is the result. If you look closely, you can see she has boxes of various sizes all lined up, mailing envelopes, plastic wrap, tissue, forms–everything she knows she needs to get her jewelry boxed up, labeled, and ready to ship. I’m sure the organizer helped her organize her jewelry supplies as well. Beth buys her paper supplies from Paper Mart.

Log Important Deadlines

Jewelry designer Danielle Miller recommends setting up a detailed calendar early in the season, then adding to it as necessary. In “the analogue days,” she says, she wrote all her order due dates, show application deadlines, sales tax return due dates, etc., on her calendar. “Now,” she says, “I love my iCal!”

I’m a fan of iCal, too, although you may have your own app for that if you don’t have a Mac. I confess I’ve become completely dependent on iCal for every kind of deadline, from work-related appointments to errands, doctor’s appointments, and social events. I color-code them accordingly and sync my iCal to my iPhone and iPad so some device will beep at me and flash a reminder at the appropriate time. Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed without a calendar that sets off alarms.

Like Danielle, I like that I can program it to alert me at specific times–30 minutes before or two weeks before, whatever time I think I’ll need. When the alert beeps, a message pops up. So when I plug in an event or deadline, I make sure it contains any details I’ll need to complete the job–names, web links, phone numbers, mailing address–so I don’t have to go hunting.

At times like the busy holiday season, having a system like this in place not only can keep you from missing key deadlines, it can save you many a frantic last-minute search when those deadlines suddenly loom.

Get Ready to Crank It Out

Danielle’s other tip for the holidays: “Drink lots of coffee!”


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