Craft Business: My Dirty Little Secret and Carolyn’s Top 5 Tips to Boosting Sales

It’s always a pleasure having our rock star instructors “in the hood” here at our Interweave Studios in Ft. Collins, Colorado. There’s fun in the greenroom, dancing on set, as well as the serious business of filming eCourses created especially for our artist and maker peeps! I recently chatted with Carolyn Edlund on set filming her new eCourse, Sales Success for Artists & Makers – Sell your Handmade Work at Retail Events with Carolyn Edlund. Carolyn’s tips for selling in the jewelry business can apply to many crafters that want to take their finished object to the next level.

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My Dirty Little Secret

Carolyn covers many crucial topics that apply to all types of artists and makers, like choosing the right retail venues such as art fairs, festivals, trunk shows, home shows, open studios, pop up galleries, and more. She also discusses displaying your work effectively and even covers some of our least favorite topics (Shhhhhhhh, I don’t know about you, but my dirty little secret as a jewelry maker is I’d rather just lock myself in my studio, crank out my pretties, and not deal with the marketing or customer aspects of my biz). But you know making the art is only half the equation for most of us and Carolyn dives right into these other topics such as sales strategies, developing your selling points, sales conversations, overcoming objections, and pursuing sales (just to name a few).

Selling Your Work

Selling your handmade jewelry

Polymer bangles by Loretta Lam

Some of the most important secrets of becoming an artist who actually SELLS their work revolve around learning how to cultivate collectors, build connections, referrals, and follow up. Carolyn walks you through how to do this and even guides you with questions about your art that result in building your own customized online workbook. You can print your workbook out and continue developing it as Carolyn explores the process with you of getting to the core of your business selling strategies and tools to do so.

Since so many of us “makers” sell our work, and Carolyn has such a wicked background in art business writing, speaking, and consulting, I wanted to share her Top 5 Tips to Boost Sales at Retail Events. She goes into great detail about selling your work and I invite you to check out her new eCourse.
Enjoy, and click on “Meet Carolyn” to watch her in action!


Carolyn’s Top 5 Tips to Boost Sales at Retail Events

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Jewelry Line That Sells!

Carolyn Edlund on set

1. Choose the right venue
Every artist who has experience has done the wrong show at one point or another. It’s a matter of finding the best place to market your work, and there are resources available, and strategies to use to find the best fit for you.
2. Create a compelling display!
You have mere seconds when someone is walking by your booth to make an impression and pull them in. You want to immediately draw them in with great lighting and merchandising.
3. Speak with customers
It’s important to develop face-to-face skills, like how to greet people and tell them about your work in a compelling way that’s going to move them towards a sale.
4. ASK for the sale
This is a mistake a lot of artists make. They don’t know how to close! There are strategies help you find out whether people are ready to decide and ask them.
5. Follow Up
Many sales are not made at the time you meet the customer. They are made later on, which means you need to have systems in place to follow up, get in touch, and expose them to your work so you can make sales later!

Learn more from Carolyn in the Interweave Art Business Series of eCourses:

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    Carolyn really knows her stuff! I have taken e-courses, a workshop and mentoring with her and learned much.

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