Free Ways to Flourish & Thrive as a Jewelry Artist

Stop! Before you start anything, go to

No. Wait! Read my blog first. Then go to Flourish and Thrive Academy’s web site. Reason: It’s a New Year and a great time to challenge yourself with the idea of doing better than last year. Especially if you love making jewelry, but are getting frustrated about how much money you’re making.

Jewelry-industry experts Tracy Matthews and Robin Kramer have created a web site and seamless programs that get you to define your own jewelry artist goals. They also get you to define your own style, then work it into a collection where each piece relates to the other. Other experts often talk about some of these ideas, but these two women have packaged and written their information in a seamless way that made me commit to hours of work and study.

I registered for their free Oct. 12, 2016 podcast advertised through Jewelry Making Daily. Tracy and Robin know what it takes to get to the top, but they also include people like me, who want to make a little more money with their handmade jewelry designs without going national. I immediately signed up and took an introductory $64 class, “Collection Development Blueprint: A 360 Approach to Creating a Signature (Jewelry) Brand.” The timing was perfect. I was designing a dozen pieces of jewelry for an art gallery show and wanted to create a more cohesive collection.

I continue to comb their web site for lots of other free information. Free is good. Their cheery presentations and smiling images also are a boost, especially for those of us who work alone.

Time it Took: I spent about 15 hours going through their four-part course, and repeating each section. I also made a mock up collection of 12 jewelry pieces, which I submitted to their image gallery.

Cost: The $64 introductory class I took through Interweave was only available for a few weeks. However, you can sign up with Flourish & Thrive to access 12 free videos and lots of other free information. Other classes are several hundred dollars.

Tip: Before investing, explore all of their free information first to see if it will help you.

Silversmith Betsy Lehndorff lives in Northern Michigan and has been writing for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 2010. To see her work go to

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