It's Sparkle (Jewelry) Season: Make Earrings for the Holiday Party Season

I looove this time of year. Leaves falling, warm bright blue-sky days, crisp chilly nights . . . and when all that natural beauty gives way to dreary cold, dark days, there's still something else to love about autumn: the beginning of the holiday party season–or as I like to call it, sparkle season.

It's no secret that I love sparkle, in any form. That includes crystals on holiday party jewelry, glittery (literally) party shoes, and pretty party dresses with beads and crystals in their designs. Add a pretty vintage rhinestone brooch and I'm done for!

Sometimes I feel that anything goes for holiday parties–so the old jewelry rules (such as bold earrings OR necklace, not both) go out the window. It's a season of giving and thankfulness, celebration and love–how can there be too much sparkle in your holiday jewelry? Even fashion gets super-sparkly this time of year. Ruffles, crystals, and metallic shimmer were all big stars on recent fashion runways, and hair is up in messy buns–perfect for big sparkly holiday earrings (which also make great gifts!).

Here are some of my favorite sparkling earring eProjects in the Jewelry Making Daily Store. Bonus: Many of them feature genuine gemstone beads or briolettes–which a gem geek like me adores–but gemstone beads or briolettes and crystals beads and briolettes are interchangeable in these cases, so you can customize the colors and costs of these earring projects to your liking.

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Earrings by Chris Orcutt
"Create one-of-a-kind freeform gemstone earrings with custom-made hooks. This beginner-to-intermediate project requires comfort with soldering and stone setting." 
Aura Weave Chain-Maille Earrings by Michael Blanchard
"This earring design is good for the beginner and advanced artisan alike. Although they look very complicated, they are actually quite simple to make. This beginner/intermediate project includes step-by-step photographs."

Glittery Ears by Jamie Hogsett
"There's a time and a place for small, dainty earrings. But there's another time and place for big, bold earrings like these, and the huge variety of chandelier findings available makes it easy to create them yourself. I chose to decorate my chandeliers with golden cubic zirconia teardrops and crystal-studded flower charms. I figure my ears deserve to be indulged a little bit now and then."

Sangria Dangle Earrings by Jamie Hogsett
"Every woman needs a pair of hoops. This classic style is made special by wire-wrapped dangles of pink garnet and watermelon tourmaline. Like the fruity drink for which these earrings are named, they are quite tasty indeed!"

Classic Elegance Pearl and Wire Earrings by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
Before you start, please be aware that this is an advanced design. In order to execute the pattern properly, you should have solid experience with making bindings (or wraps) with square half-hard wire, be able to make eye-pin charms, and be able to measure precisely. This advanced project includes step-by-step photographs." 

Norwegian Filigree Earrings by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen
"Filigree is an ancient technique that creates an intricate, lacelike pattern through the combination of wire swirls and shapes."


Asian Scroll Earrings by Jamie Hogsett
"Scroll-like chandelier pieces are the perfect accent for vesuvianite briolette fans. The veining in the gaspeite rondelles brings the colors together. The five dangles represent a Japanese design rule of always using odd numbers."

Peridot Chandelier Earrings by Jodi Bombardier
"These elegant crystals are attached to loose wire loops and sparkle at every angle."

You'd better get started! The holidays (and their parties) are right around the corner; thankfully these and all of our other jewelry-making eProjects are on sale right now (through October 19, 2011), just in time for sparkle season!

What kind of jewelry are you making for the holidays? Share your favorite jewelry-making project from our store in the comments below. I'd love to see!

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