Integrating Your Social Networking

Not only does she create amazing jewelry, Danielle Miller has also mastered the art of integrated online marketing for jewelry selling. If you're wondering how to use social media sites and link them effectively, I recommend using her as a model.

On Twitter, Danielle has almost 1,000 followers [] and tweets off and on all day, every day. She obviously enjoys this medium and is a natural at it. Twitter only allows one live link per profile and Danielle uses it to link to her website.

Danielle's site [] is mainly a showcase for her jewelry and a list of retailers that carry it. She also links to her blog [].

Her blog has a Facebook badge that links to her jewelry business fan page and displays her current status and number of fans. (To create one like it: Her blog also displays links to upcoming art festivals and her Flickr page [], where you can find pictures of her studio, jewelry, jewelry-making demos, and magazine spreads featuring her work.

On Facebook, Danielle has a personal page as well as a jewelry business page [] with more than 600 fans, where she posts news about her jewelry (galleries, catalogs, blog posts) a few times each week. At the top of her personal Facebook profile, she links to her Facebook business page, inviting friends to become fans. At the top of her jewelry business page, she links to her web site [] "for more info and a list of retailers." Her status update reads: "Do you tweet? If so, you can follow my tweets here:"

Her Etsy shop [] opens with links and invitations to follow her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and website.

Everything links to everything else, and if you follow the virtual path Danielle has laid out, you'll get a clear picture not just of her jewelry, but of the artist and person behind the jewelry. Now that's effective marketing.

NET PROFITS appears regularly in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Learn more about integrating social networking sites to sell jewelry online in “Get Synced,” September, 2010.


CATHLEEN MCCARTHY is a Philadelphia-based writer who specializes in jewelry, art, design and travel. Her stories have appeared in Art & Antiques, AmericanStyle, The Washington Post and several inflight magazines. She has written for this magazine since 1992.

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