Incorporating Resin in Jewelry Making: Make Resin Jewelry with Found Objects, Art, Natural Treasures and More

I think resin jewelry is one of the most interesting jewelry-making techniques, because of all of the treasures you can embed in and encase under it.

Thinking of paper ephemera and art alone, there's an unlimited variety of choices: music paper, dictionary and other book pages, ticket stubs, theatre programs, letters, maps, photograph copies, greeting cards, report cards, ledger pages . . . I could go on and on! And let's not forget the drawings, collages, and other artwork created just for embedding in bezels under resin.

Paper aside, there's nature (flowers, leaves, feathers, shells and sand, and more) and fabric, like burlap, silk, tulle, and organza to create special textures and effects. Some fabric even doubles as art and makes a beautiful statement under resin in a bezel.

Don't forget the sparkly extras–glitter, beads, rhinestones and crystals, mica–that bring a little shimmer and bling to resin jewelry, along with the fun surface treatments, like matte textures from sanding, painted words or designs on top of the resin, using Gilder's paste and alcohol inks with resin, and more. There are sooo many fun ways to use resin for jewelry making! And if you don't know how to make resin jewelry, let's remedy that situation!

You can learn to use all of these types of treasures and art in resin jewelry from Linda Larsen's Craft U class, Incorporating Resin in Jewelry Making. As I was reviewing the class notes, lessons, and more for Linda's class, I found so much good technique info and many interesting tips, but the thing that kept leaping out at me was, "When's the last time you saw a six-week course for $59.99?" I mean, wow! That's less than $10 per week.

OK now that I got that out of the way, there's a lot more to share about this fun resin jewelry-making course! Incorporating Resin in Jewelry Making is made up of six lessons that include technique info and step-by-step tutorials with images and videos to help you master the use of resin. But you'll also be able to interact with other students and Linda on the Craft U forum, in your own little class atmosphere. If you've ever taken a jewelry-making class in person, you know how fun it is to see what other students make, learn from each other, and share your successes and challenges. By the end of the course, you all end up as friends who've just created wonderful art–you can do that in the Craft U forum as well!

In Linda's class, you'll learn a variety of techniques and applications for using resin in jewelry making, from layering clear resin over images to making colorful and/or dimensional molded pieces. You'll learn the essentials–mixing and pouring resin, drying and curing it, plus how to use resin in traditional, found object, and backless bezels. You'll learn how to create transparent paper effects in resin and how to seal paper to avoid the transparent effect when it's not desired, as well as how to use paper in wire frames to make specialty resin jewelry and mixed-media art components, like beautiful butterfly wings.

But you'll also learn some creative, not-so-basic resin jewelry-making techniques, such as using fabric with resin, pouring "no bezel" resin creations, adding color and inclusions in resin as well as achieving unique surface treatments, and casting resin in molds (plus making molds). Ever wanted to preserve fragile beauties like bird's egg shells, leaves, and flowers in your jewelry? You'll learn to use resin to add strength to these fragile elements so you can use them in jewelry making and other art. This is one of my favorite parts about Linda's class; it causes me to think of resin in a new way and to revisit my stash of treasures to see what needs to be preserved in resin!

Did I mention that you can get all of this in a six-week course for less than $60? What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start gathering your treasures so you'll be ready when the course starts!

Bonus: Don't forget the special perks of taking a Craft U course! You can access your Craft U courses online anytime, anywhere, on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It's a fun, interactive learning experience that you can enjoy at your own time and pace!

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