I want my Jewelry Making Daily!

I've heard from several of you lately because you suddenly no longer receive your JMD emails. Goodness! So sorry for the inconvenience and that you didn't get them–but happy that you missed them and want them back! I've got some solutions for you.

If you still get the promotional emails, you can click on "Manage your email preferences" at the bottom of one of those emails (or at the bottom of any JMD email, if you have some saved from before).

This will take you to the Interweave Email Preference Center. There you'll see all our Interweave communities' email newsletters, and you can click to subscribe to whichever ones you want. It looks like this:


Scroll down a bit to see Jewelry Making Daily, and make sure that first one is subscribed–that's the M-W-F emails from me and our special promotions on T-Th. There are other types of JMD emails there, too–special events, offers, etc. Just click to subscribe to whatever you want and you'll be done. (You don't have to click "save" or anything like that.)

If you don't have a JMD or other Interweave email with the "Manage your email preferences" link at the bottom, you can get to it another way:

1. While you're signed in on JMD, look to the top right corner of the page, above the search box, and click on "Edit Profile."


2. Click the "Site Options" tab.


3. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to the gray bar that says "Email Configuration" on it. Click "Email Preference Center" under that heading. This will take you to the Interweave Email Preference Center, where you can pick and choose which emails you want (same as above).


If you try this and still don't get your emails the next week, please let me know.

Also, remember that the articles that come to you in the JMD M-W-F emails can be seen here on JewelryMakingDaily.com, as a backup, until we get your subscription back on track.

Thank you all for being part of JMD!


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