How to Resin Paper: A Great Mother's Day Gift Idea!

By Linda Larsen. (Thanks Linda!)

Resin on paper allows you to use paper in your work by making it waterproof. I use it in my little wearable journals, and I'm able to use any photos and other things that I like. It's a great idea for Mother's day if you fill it with photos of cute little kids, their art, and other precious things. You could even write a little poem or story and resin it for permanence.

resin paper journal pendant gift for Mom jewelry

This journal is made with patterned brass sheet, square bronze wire, chain, eyelets, a frame bezel attached with mini nuts and screws, and fringe made of fibers and ribbons, and resin paper.

Here are the steps to "infuse" the paper with resin.

1.       Mix the resin according to the package instructions. I always wear gloves for this technique because I hate stickiness.

2.       Use a small piece of kitchen sponge or disposable sponge brush to brush on the resin. Lay out a heavy garbage bag on your surface and tape down to keep it smooth.

3.       Spread resin on the back of your paper and then flip over.

4.       Spread resin on the front and 'push' the resin into the paper so it will soak it up.

make resin paper

5.       Allow the paper to dry for a few days. For some reason, paper will stick together if stacked before that, even if it feels cured and dry.

6.       Tear the resin paper into pieces that fit your design.

Any tissue or very old paper will turn translucent with resin, and it's fun to layer them with your photos. Enjoy!


Learn more fun resin techniques from Linda.

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