How to Make Wire Jewelry the Right Way: Wire Bracelets

Learn how to make wire jewelry, such as this easy wire bracelet project, with this free infographic.

Wire jewelry making is a great way to make stunning jewelry designs using simple techniques for combining wire and other elements without soldering. Learning how to make wire jewelry is a must among today’s jewelry makers because you only need a few basic wire-wrapping tools, your wire, and any gemstones or beads you may like to include.

Expand your repertoire when working with wire, learn to create hammered designs, use coils and spirals, jump rings, wire wrap, and see how new techniques like wire wrapping can create intricate wire designs to showcase your favorite stones. Experiment with these techniques and enjoy the way they start transforming your wire designs. Wire jewelry making with these creative jewelry making ideas will satisfy your creative spirit, and you’ll be able to wear your new pieces in no time!

To start you off, you’ll find an easy wire jewelry making project below that focuses on how to make wire bracelets. If you like organic wire shapes that leave room for creativity, this is the best guide on making a freeform wire bracelet, so start your jewelry making!

Freeform Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making Project

Learn how to make wire jewelry with this FREE wire jewelry making project including wire bracelets. You'll also have a chance to download a FREE eBook on 5 other wire jewelry projects, too, all exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily!


Learn how to make wire jewelry in this FREE guide.

How to Make Wire Jewelry: MORE, FREE Wire-Jewelry Projects

If you liked this wire jewelry project, then you’ll LOVE these other 5 FREE wire jewelry projects found in this free download, Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 6 Wire Jewelry-Making Techniques!

This hammered link, wire-wrap bracelet project is called Swirls and Whirls by Pepper Mentz and is created using heavy gauge silver and could easily be embellished with glass beads. Along with this wire bracelet project, you’ll can find even MORE wire jewelry making projects in the following FREE eBook.

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