How to Make Necklaces

Pendants are perfect for showing off interesting patterns because you have enough room to show the whole pattern, but pendants work just as well for something small, simple, and uniform. Like pendant necklaces, necklaces without a focal or with a focal area made of multiple elements can be as big or little as you or your customers like. Either way, necklaces simply stand out: if you're going to wear just one piece of jewelry that you want to be noticed, it's probably going to be a necklace.

In this convenient e-book, you'll learn to set a large patterned gem in a silver bezel and see how to create a complementary silver and copper element to make the pendant really special. You'll also learn how to take advantage of metal's malleability to create a 3D heart pendant with mokumé gané, a layered metal whose patterns stretch and compress as you form the heart (create your own mokumé as shown with sterling, bronze, and traditional alloys or buy sheet as metal stock), and add a wink of sparkle with a small faceted gem. Or you can create your own pattern as you put together an impressive necklace using turquoise and wood button beads linked together with copper wire and jump rings for a contemporary look on a traditional form. Start your next necklace making venture with these varied necklace designs and see where they lead you!

–Merle White, Editorial Director, Interweave Jewelry Group

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