How to Make Metal Jewelry Free Guide

In our free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook you will learn filing, sawing and other metalsmithing basics. The quest to learn how to make metal jewelry can be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry! A wealth of resources exists to help you learn how to turn metal sheet and wire into showstopping bracelets, necklaces, earrings and beyond. Two of the most fundamental metalsmithing skills are sawing and filing. Mastering these skills opens a world of design options. We’re so glad that you’ve decided to make metal jewelry. Start building your skill set and you’ll soon be building beautiful pieces. Learn how to make metal jewelry with this free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook today!


You’ll discover lessons on using a jeweler’s saw and jewelry files by Helen I. Driggs, metalsmith extraordinaire and senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. To complement these lessons, we’ve included a fantastic pendant project from jewelry artist Karen Meador that incorporates sawing and filing, along with a couple more metalsmithing musts including hammering and soldering. Try your hand at making metal jewelry with Karen’s design, and then experiment with your own designs. The possibilities are endless!

Learn how to make metal jewelry with these FREE projects:

Sawing Essentials by Helen I. Driggs

Learn to saw using the tools in this photo in our free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook. The saw frame is typically the first purchase made by the aspiring jewelry maker. It is the most important tool to acquire and master because sawing and piercing are basic operations for all metalwork. It is important to practice sawing without a thought of a finished piece until you are confident you can follow a line, turn both inside and outside corners, cut along complex curves, and cut all thicknesses of sheet in all metals. This article teaches you what to look for in a saw, how to thread it, and then how to use it.

Filing Finesse by Helen I. Triggs

Learn to file properly using the tools in this image with our free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook. Using jewelry files can be perilous business for the inexperienced. But it’s worth a go with these basic tips that every jeweler should know. Learn tips for Marcia Lewis and Lexi Erickson. Marcia Lewis has been working with metal for over 35 years and will give tips on how to properly use and take care of your files. Lexi Erickson teaches jewelry at the high school and college levels, and will give tips of flat edges and curved surfaces.

Little Bird by Karen Meador

The Little Bird is a metal jewelry project found in our free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook. By the time you reach the end of the free eBook you will be ready to take the tips and skills you learned in the sawing and filing articles you have read and put them to use with this jewelry making project. The Little Bird is fun and is a project Karen Meador has been having her students complete in class. Although this project requires a handful of tools and supplies, the project is so quick and easy you will want to make it again and again to give as a gift.

If you’ve never tried metalsmithing before, you need this download this free eBook on how to make metal jewelry. The free How to Make Metal Jewelry eBook will not only give you tips on filing and sawing, but also give you a fun metalsmithing project to work on. Learn how to make metal jewelry today!



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