How to Make Earrings with Popular Earring-Making Projects & Expert Tips

You can never make too many earrings, but it’s really fun to try! Earrings are great to wear, quick and easy to design, and fun to make or modify with whatever materials you have on hand. Handmade earrings are jewelry that’s well-suited to any style outfit or any jewelry maker’s budget. Learning how to make earrings and gifting them is always a great option since there’s never a pair exactly alike! And as an added bonus, you’ll get the gift of learning something new after making them yourself!

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Best content on how to make earrings:

    Learn how to make these beautiful earrings in a FREE earring-making project eBook.

  1. FREE Earring-Making Projects: How to Make Earrings at Home
    Learn how to make four earring projects using wire, metal, gemstones and more with step-by-step projects at Interweave. These totally free tutorials feature the best earrings designs for beginners.
  2. MORE Free Projects: How to Make Earrings with Beads
    For someone just learning how to bead, beaded earrings are perfect for starting with classic bead-weaving stitches. Beaded earrings don’t require a lot of time or materials to make. They are perfect for learning new jewelry-making and beading techniques, as well.
  3. Free Metalwork Earring Instructions
    Make these earrings with a corrugation tool and basic metalsmithing skills, such as cutting metal, annealing, sanding and soldering.
  4. Create Textured Copper Earrings
    Learn how to make handmade textured earrings by turning a piece of sheet metal into tone-of-a-kind earrings.
  5. Learn how to make these chain maille earrings from Blue Buddha.

  6. Must Earrings Match?
    Non-matching earrings lend a certain funkiness and creativity to an outfit. Learn more about this unique style in this tutorial.
  7. Chain-Maille How-To: Make Beaded Fan Earrings
    Make them today, then wear them out tonight! These beaded fan chain maille earrings are perfect for gift giving and party accessorizing. They’re easy to make while also being easy on your budget.
  8. Make Quick & Easy Jewelry To Sell: 101 Stylish Wire Earrings and Ear Wires
    The projects in this book include important features when choosing jewelry designs to make and sell. They’re quick to make, feature a variety of materials in all price ranges, and include a variety of styles. Add in super-hot handcrafted ear wires, and the sky’s the limit.
  9. Learn what type of earrings are best for your facial shape.

  10. Handmade Earring Cards
    Learn ways to display your earring collection for those who make earrings to sell. By making your products more attractive, you can increase sales quickly.
  11. How to Choose the Right Shape Earrings for Your Face Shape
    Have you chose a design, picked out the beads, shopped for all the supplies, and then made the design only to be less than thrilled with the results? There’s a way to choose the right shape earrings for your face shape! Avoid spending money and time on a project that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Most popular earring-making products:

  1. 101 Wire Earrings
    Wire is the hottest trend in jewelry making right now! 101 Wire Earrings inspires wireworkers to make innovative, stylish and contemporary earrings.
  2. 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings: Digital Edition
    What’s better than beautiful jewelry projects you can quickly make? How about instant access to 101 of them! Learn how to make dangle earrings, beaded earrings and more.
  3. Tiny ScaleS Earring Kit
    Create four pairs of sleek and stylish chain maille scale earrings with this jewelry-making materials kit!
  4. Statement Earrings
    If you like working with two-hole beads, then you’ll love learning how to use the new four-hole Quadratile beads! They add dimension and form to your beadwoven designs!
  5. Create Earring Posts using the Blazer Micro Torch with Kate Richbourg
    Looking for a portable torch to use on your jewelry projects? Join Kate Richbourg as she makes a pair of sterling silver earrings using the Blazer butane torch.
  6. Deluxe Earring Kit
    Create 10 beautiful earrings with this Craft Fantastic kit. The kit includes artisan pendants, findings and charms as well as five pairs of both silver earrings and brass earrings.
  7. Peruvian Thread Earrings
    These earrings’ style originated in Peru during the 1960s and are all the rage today. The best thing is you can make them yourself!
  8. Intro to Basic Jewelry Tools Through 6 Metal Earring Designs
    Discover the tools and techniques you need to start making metal jewelry and make six pairs of earrings with Kim St. Jean.
  9. 52 Earring Designs: Inspiration for Every Week of the Year
    Uncover this project compilation eBook packed with 52 inspirational earring projects! These projects were handpicked by the editors of Jewelry Stringing magazine.
  10. 10 Fabulous Wire Earring Projects
    Download 10 Fabulous Wire Earring Projects to give your ears the attention they’ve been looking for.

Learning how to make earrings is the perfect way to jump into jewelry making. It’s easy and fun to create earrings for wearing, gifting or selling any time of the year.

With this vast selection of earring-making supplies, projects, tips, and more, you’ll become a pro in no time. Remember to share this informative page with your friends so they can experience the joy of making earrings, too!

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