Hell's Canyon Petrified Wood Designer Cabochon

Presented to you is a unique cabochon of Hell's Canyon petrified wood from the border, between Idaho and Oregon, U.S.A. . This cabochon has a rich variety of tans, creams, orange and, black browns. Growth rings can be seen throughout the cabochon and form a wavy “herringbone” pattern that captured the imagination.  There are fascinating, open, semi-filled and filled “dry rot” holes that dot this cabochon. These “dry rot holes” are filled or lined with translucent clear agate, and make this cabochon truly special. This petrified wood is thought to be originally sequoia wood.  This cab has a 4.34 mm rounded low style dome, a designer ”angled flame” shape, and a glassy polish. The cabochon is approximately 39.35 mm x 19.19 mm. http://redskygems.com/shop/hells-canyon-petrified-wood-9/

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