Helen's Apprentice Log — Day Six, Wednesday

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist managing editor Helen Driggs spent nine days in apprentice mode with master lapidary and jewelry artist Michael Boyd at his Pueblo, Colorado studio.  This is her day-by-day log of her experiences.

Got to see Michael's signature cuttle casting process for the gold elements he uses to accent layered stones on his pieces. Michael also ordered equipment and supplies for his upcoming workshop at Clear Creek Academy the following weekend. I got to finish forming and polishing a fantastic egg-shaped carnelian and citrine-bonded stone, bringing it to a super high polish. When I brought it for inspection, it gave Michael an idea: "let's do a step-by-step for the magazine." He dashed off a quick sketch, we agreed to go forward, and I dropped the completed carnelian stone into an acetone bath to break the glue bond.

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