Helen's Apprentice Log — Day 10, The Following Friday

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist managing editor Helen Driggs spent nine days in apprentice mode with master lapidary and jewelry artist Michael Boyd at his Pueblo, Colorado studio.  This is her day-by-day log of her experiences.

Since I'd missed out on my original TA stint in the cancelled Boise workshop, I decided to visit Ryan, Michael, and the staff and students of Clear Creek Academy. The equipment was set up, the slide show, and question-and-answer session on Michael's work was under way, and at lunchtime, I signed off and said so long and thanks.


Apprenticeship by the Numbers

  • 56 gold and sterling bezels
  • 28 cups of coffee
  • 24 dog biscuits
  • 19 documentation photos of production line
  • 11 rejected bezels for the scrap box
  • 9 stones formed and polished
  • 5 pieces of lapidary equipment scrubbed and cleaned
  • 4 killer soldering tips learned
  • 3 coma-inducing margaritas
  • 2 batches of pickle mixed; DQ Butterfinger blizzards and big chunks of rough slabbed
  • 2 mile run on state game lands
  • 1 cancelled workshop; accidentally reticulated back plate; gallery order packed and shipped; sequined birthday sombrero and serenade; crazy hail storm; incredible bracelet completed; thunderstorm light show; step-by-step project documented and photographed and,
  • 1 delighted editor/apprentice

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