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Tammy Jones editor Jewelry Making Daily  
Tammy Jones is the
editor of Jewelry Making Daily.

The tree is twinkling, my family is nearby, something in the oven smells deeelish, and there's a fire crackling in the fireplace . . . that sounds like a heavenly Christmas Eve, to me. The past few weeks have been a whirl of making and baking, shopping and wrapping, traveling and visiting—it makes me tired just writing about it, and I'm ready for some "me" time. If your kind of "Calgon" involves sparkly gems, metal, and some pliers, put on your snowman jammies (thanks Santa!), grab a warm mug of yummy, and let's have some fun.

What's more fun than kids?
I grew up in two very large families with dozens of cousins, and now that we've all really grown up, there are even more little new cousins running around. I love getting to see them during the holidays, and luckily for me, one of them always receives some crafty gift for Christmas and gets sent to "Cousin Tammy" for help with it "because she's crafty." You bet I am! And I bet you are, too. If you're the official glue gun goddess (or craft master?) in your family, you'd probably enjoy hanging out at the kids' table and making one of these fun projects.


Some wire, two statement beads, and
basic tools are all you'll need to make
these customizable bead earrings.
This is a surprisingly simple project
with a pleasantly stylish result.

These fun little beaded beauty fairy dolls 
are so versatile! They can be used as
pendants, ornaments, key chains, zipper
pulls—so many ways. Plus, the little
ones will enjoy just playing with them.

Oh, what a nice surprise!
There's a reason "last-minute gifts" is a top catch phrase this time of year—you always need at least one. Living in the South, my aunts are pros at this; I can't remember a Christmas where an unexpected but oh-so-welcome guest didn't show up during the holidays and, lo and behold, there was a gift for them under the tree. If the thought of one more trip to the mall (or which corner market might be open) is just too much to handle, try some of these quick and easy jewelry projects. Go from "What a nice surprise!" to "So happy you could come!" with a handmade gift.


I once made a sterling silver bookmark
topped with a tassel of gemstones for a
friend's birthday—so decadent! This
metal-stamped, beaded silver bookmark
could be modified to use up leftover gem
beads, bits of metal sheet, and whatever
you have on hand.

There's a lot of style but not a lot of time
in this quick and easy S-link wire bracelet.
You can modify it in a variety of ways by
using different metals and textures, and
it's a great way to use up all those short
bits of leftover wire. Just don't let your
guests hear you hammering!

What are you doing New Year's?
There's a little more travel in my future this year, including a fun opportunity to get sparkly on New Year's Eve. Fortunately there's about a week left to make some beautiful new bling for the big night. If you're wearing a LBD (and who isn't?), a bold bracelet and eye-catching earrings are just what you need to shine.


Riveted Mixed-Media Bracelet


Delightful, Delicious, De-Lovely
Wire-Wrap Earrings

  Colorful Resin Earrings

Remember, you can always make your own ear wires, and it's easy to finish any bracelet (or necklace) with an extra-special wire-wrapped S clasp.

Deck the halls . . . even more! 
If you're anything like me, you have a great stash of "special" jewelry-making supplies that you never intended for jewelry making (am I right?). Though I've spent years collecting gemstones as well as unique beads and found objects, my personal jewelry style is pretty classic and simple—pearls almost every day and my ring of choice regularly until a new favorite comes along—which means (brace yourself!) I hardly ever wear the jewelry I make. So, I'm always trying to find non-jewelry ways of using favorites from my jewelry stash. (Plus, everything always looks a little drab when the holiday decorations are put away.)


I have a lampshade decked out with a
fringe of real freshwater pearls. It makes
me feel oh-so-decadent every time I see
it, and this Victorian beaded lampshade
is probably going to be my next foray
into fancy lighting.


You can hardly see my refrigerator for
all the souvenir and handmade magnets
on it, plus the photos they hold. These
beaded flower magnets would be a super
cute addition to my fridge—or I might
swap the magnet with a pin for a brooch! 

Obviously, I need to get busy! So happy holidays to you and yours, and I hope you get a chance for a little "me" time, too. All of these projects (and thousands of other e-projects, too!) are discounted 30% until ______. This is our best e-projects deal ever for Jewelry Making Daily readers, so don't miss out—and remember to tell us what you're making in the comments below!

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