Handmade Jewelry Gifts for Mom

In an ideal world, I would make a gift for everyone on our holiday list. It is what I LOVE to do! And I love to make just the right gift for each person. Something with the right color stone, right hand-stamped phrase, or even something for their family dog! The gifts I’ve made in the past range from soaps to a hand-sewn backpack and glass dishes to jewelry (of course!). I’m not sure time will be on my side so everyone receives something new and handmade this year. But just in case, here’s what I’ll be working toward for all the Moms in our lives.

ABOVE: Azurite-malachite pendant by Lexi Erickson; gift photo by PicMonkey.


jewelry gift ideas Mom Lexi’s designs always inspire me, and this Azurite Malachite Pendant certainly makes the “must try” list!

Lexi’s designs always inspire me, and this Azurite-Malachite Pendant certainly makes the “must try” list!

My husband’s stepmother is one of those ladies who makes everything better. No matter the situation, the trouble, or the panic-du-jour, she has just the right words to bring things into perspective and get things moving in the right direction. She is also a big factor in my changing path from a business career to one of creating, sharing, and publishing, and I will forever hold a special place for her in my heart.

Sally also appreciates the arts. So, for her, I’d design something dynamic that includes her favorite stone, azurite-malachite. Maybe even something like this pendant by Lexi Erickson.


This gorgeous turquoise and silver bracelet is by Noël Yovovich.

This gorgeous turquoise and silver bracelet is by Noël Yovovich.

My mother-in-law, Carol, is a jewelry maven. She has an amazing collection of unique pieces made by talented artists from all over the world. Carol particularly loves the southwest and always enjoys hearing about my travels to Tucson. She likes to see pictures of the geodes, the dinosaurs, the cacti, and of course, the jewelry! And, she never fails to ask “did you see (insert her favorite artist’s name)? As if there were only a few hundred people in town versus a few hundred thousand attending over 40 gem and jewelry shows all going on at the same time! I always laugh and reply, “No, not this year, maybe next time.”

For Carol, I will make something that includes turquoise, her favorite stone, and I will definitely use silver. Maybe I’ll even use Argentium, as it will help her with her nemesis: tarnish. I think this Turquoise and Silver Bead Bracelet would be perfect for her, and it would be a great way to practice piercing!


Candy Charm Bracelet by Jennifer Heynen

Candy Charm Bracelet by Jennifer Heynen

My stepmother, Isabelle (Issy for those who know and lover her), has been a mom to me since the tough age of 13 (and she still loves me!). We have been through a lot together and she has always loved me and my siblings like we were her own. Thank you, Issy!

She recently moved from our hometown to the beach. The waves, shells, and sun call to her now, and I’d like to make something that resonates with that. The Candy Bracelet by Jennifer Heynen is a perfect blend of whimsy and with the right beads, I believe I can pull off a beachy summer vibe. I also think this would work in an anklet length, so I just might make two designs for Issy this year!


Cabochon bracelet by Layne Freedline

Cabochon bracelet by Layne Freedline

My Mom, Darriel, has lived a life I bet she could never have predicted or even knew to dream of. It wasn’t always easy but now, she’s retired and living her best life, creating, gardening, spending time with my stepfather Charlie, and just enjoying time living by the water.

As an artist, my Mom always has an eye out for something different, no matter what we’re looking for—furniture, draperies, flowers, or jewelry. Layne Freedline’s cabochon bracelet caught my eye and spoke to me, and I believe it would do the same for my Mom. This design is unique, and I can customize it to fit my Mom or anyone on the list, actually. Now to find the stone as that is the showstopper!

Making Jewelry Gifts

I’m glad to have a great list of ideas to work from, and I really can’t wait to get busy, tune out the day, and get lost in the process of making something special for the special ladies in our lives. I wish you time to do the same—even if it’s time to make something for yourself!

Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine and Editorial Content Director, Bead & Jewelry

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