Finding Your Style with Handmade Jewelry Findings

For every jewelry maker, findings can be a royal pain! They’re those little things that get lost on your bench, get stuck in your carpet, roll around on your hard floors, or make dangerous (but fun) toys for your cat. Clasps, bails, jump rings, ear wires, bezels, end caps. Yep, all these little pieces can make life difficult — but they are vital for completing your perfect jewelry designs.

Handmade Jewelry Findings Closeup

The right bail or clasp can turn an ordinary piece into a masterpiece. And if you don’t have the right size jump ring, your necklace or bracelet will never sit right. Perfect findings are essential!

Learn how to make your own handmade jewelry findings

Hanawa Flower Necklace by Lorelei Eurto

But how do you find those perfect findings? You can buy all these items, but often, you can never find exactly what you need or what you have in mind for your design.

So, very often, a much better option is to make your own. But don’t panic! While handmade findings sound intimidating, it’s often fairly simple. For example, I’ve found that making jump rings is actually kind of fun — and I can always have exactly the size I need, made with the gauge that goes with the design I’m working on.

And if you’re going to spend a lot of time designing and creating an amazing necklace, why not spend part of that time designing a clasp and/or bail that will enhance and complement your design, rather than just using whatever you find in a craft store?
Learn how to make your own handmade jewelry findings

To get you started, check out the new Deluxe Handmade Findings Collection. It includes some great resources to help you with your handmade findings. Handcrafted Metal Findings teaches you to make your own findings from metal blanks, sheet, and wire. It includes cold connection projects, as well as projects that can be done with very simple soldering.

Unexpected Handmade Jewelry Findings

Learn how to make your own handmade jewelry findings

Unexpected Findings
is actually one of my favorite books, and you’ll find it in this collection. In it, Michelle Mach shows you how to use everyday objects to create gorgeous clasps, bails, and much more.

Learn how to make your own handmade jewelry findings

Zero Hour necklace by Erin Strother

And if you really want the most perfect bails for your pieces, Lexi Erickson’s video, Artisan Bails: Handmade Findings to Enhance Handmade Pendants, is a fabulous resource. Work along with Lexi as you learn to make metal bails with simple forming and soldering techniques.

The collection also includes the ebook 10 Ingenious Wire Findings with projects to help you make your own clasps, cord ends, and ear wires.

But the best thing about the Deluxe Handmade Findings Collection is that you get your own Contenti Design Mandrel Set! To form your findings perfectly, you need the right mandrel for shaping. And this set has them. It’s a fantastic tool set that will get you started on your own findings creations.

So…start finding!

Karla Rosenbusch, lapidary journal jewelry artist