Halloween Jewelry: Make Ghoul-geous Resin Jewelry with Spooky, Sparkly Flair

Once we get past the trick-or-treating stage, there are still fabulous Halloween treats to be had! We've created a ghoul-geous Halloween jewelry kit just for you that includes resin, Halloween-themed glitter and embellishments, and more. Read on to see just how much fun our serendipitous kit can be!

By Ashley Lauwereins, Marketing Specialist

The seasons are changing and before you know it, Halloween will be here. Personally, I hadn't thought of Halloween as a big jewelry-making holiday. That is until this year. About two months ago, I heard from Jen Cushman from ICE Resin. They had received a shipment of beautiful orange glitter, perfect for Halloween jewelry! Looking forward, Jen thought it would be a great idea to create an exclusive kit filled with just what you need to create Halloween-inspired jewelry.

Halloween jewelry resin glitter Iced enamels

So once again I got to have a weekend afternoon filled with wonderful resin jewelry making. I mixed home resources with ICE Resin supplies and created a few components as well as two beautiful pendants I'm really proud of (and totally plan to wear).

unlucky 13 Halloween pendant

My first favorite is the 13 pendant I colored using Iced Enamels. I used the same stovetop method I did for my first experimental session (remember, if you have a heat gun you can use that as well). I colored the number a beautiful black with the Pewter Relique. I also painted the circular base orange with the Carnelian Relique. And to tack down the numbers, I sealed them all with the ICE Resin.

resin bezel Halloween pendants jewelry

The second is what I refer to as my "witchy bezel." My roommate has been covering her coffee table with dictionary pages, so we have a half-empty dictionary that can be used however. And luckily the page with "witch craft" remained in there. So inside this bezel I placed a fun Halloween-themed message over the beautiful glitter. At first I was a little annoyed that the paper went transparent. But the more that I look at the effect the transparency adds to this fun bezel, the more that I like it. (Editor's note: The dark, transparent paper is perfect in Ashley's design! If you need to prevent transparency, seal paper well with Mod Podge or other sealant before embedding in resin.)

Halloween jewelry ghost portrait glitter and resin pendant

I filled some open-back bezels with glitter, and I think they will make beautiful haunted jewelry once I put all the pieces together. I even had a second play date when I took some advice Tammy gave me–covering a black-and-white photograph with silver glitter to create a ghost-like effect. In addition to the beautiful orange, the silver is also haunting in a way. I can't wait to combine my open-back bezels into a showpiece necklace.

If you want to create your own jewelry for Halloween (or even for the fall season), this kit is for you! With the orange and silver glitter, plus the two Iced Enamels powders, you can make inspired jewelry too. Get your exclusive Halloween jewelry-making kit today before they're gone–we only have a limited number available!

For my next play day, I may need to combine the orange glitter with some blue–it will make a perfect game day necklace for this Denver Broncos fan! Make sure you post photos of your gothic Halloween jewelry in the gallery, so I can see how you're inspired!

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