Go Figure: How This Octopus and Jewelry Making Come Together

Ask People About Jewelry They Wear

It’s a great way of making friends. It’s also a great way to find material to write about if you are tasked to write a weekly blog relating to jewelry making.

At the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, I’m on the hunt for figurative jewelry — little wearable sculptures that are so hard for me to make. Then I see it — a gorgeous octopus around the neck of a slender, smiling brunette.

Christiane Ross is the artist and she has made her neck buddy out of art clay and a carved Tahitian pearl.

Her credits:

  • Jewelry Television’s Jewel School Brand Coordinator and Jewel School Institute Instructor
  • Senior Level Art Clay Instructor
  • Gemological Institute of America Accredited Jewelry Professional

Words of wisdom from her website at octopusdo.com.

“I credit the teachers I’ve had along the way for helping me grow. I especially credit my own mistakes as I’ve learned the most from them.”

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Betsy Lehndorff has been writing for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 2010. Her story on Colorado diamonds appears in the September-October issue and she will be writing about her experience in Kate Wolf’s class in 2018. The class was paid for by a $1,000 professional development grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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