Giving Thanks From the Jewelry Team at Interweave

Giving Thanks
This time of year we’re all very busy–busy with life and all it’s blessings (good and bad), family, work and all that comes with year-end and prepping for the holiday season. For many of us, you can also add in getting ready for Tucson! Around our offices, our busyness has been amplified the past few months with the exciting launch of our new website and all that goes into that type of endeavor.

We are never too busy, though, to take pause to offer thanks and to share our appreciation for you, our loyal readers. It is you who we come to work for each day; it is you we work hard for, and it is you for whom we strive for perfection.

To share our appreciation, as well as offer our thanks for our abundance, we each have put together some thoughts we’d like to share with you–and though we offer this during the season of thanks, these are thoughts we carry with us, always.

Karla Rosenbusch, lapidary journal jewelry artist
I’m thankful that I’m buying my first house–which will have a room specifically devoted to books, crafting, and jewelry making. Everyone needs a craft room/library/workshop! And I’m thankful that I’ll soon be done with sorting, packing, and moving–in time to make Christmas presents.

Merle White, lapidary journal jewelry artist
I am thankful for living in a world where people have the opportunity to do good, to create things of beauty, wonder, and grace, and to share them with everyone else. I am thankful for living in a world in which, despite so many adversities, so many people do that. And I am thankful to be a part of that every day. It is astonishing.

Tammy Honaman, jewelry making daily, lapidary journal jewelry artist, beading daily, Beadwork magazine
I’m thankful for the life I chose–from my family to my career.
On Thanksgiving, I spend the morning with my family, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, enjoying the quiet, the time together, the smells from all my husband is cooking for the day, and of course I’m thankful my husband cooks! 

My life is so rich and filled with good friends, and friends I share so much in common with. We are all jewelry makers in some form or another; we share a common bond, a connection that runs deep. I value that highly and I treasure my friendships with each of them.

I’m also thankful to be part of the amazing team of people I get to work with at Interweave. I don’t know a finer team of creative, thoughtful, and talented people.
I offer thanks for the time I have for pursuing my passion! Many go to work then find time for their hobby. I have a “job” and although there is much work to be done, I also get to play with tools, use torches to melt things and build things up, form jewelry from clay and so many other amazing techniques we have available to us in this amazing field.

And, not only am I married to an amazing man who I share two children with, I get full run of the house (kind of). I keep all my tools and supplies in and around my home studio spaces and sometimes the kitchen, the dining room, and the garage. I’m truly blessed and very thankful.

Tammy Jones, jewelry making daily, lapidary journal jewelry artist
Whew, this has been quite a year, hasn’t it? I’m glad we have a holiday like Thanksgiving to remind us of our blessings and all we have to be thankful for–and that is so, so much! I like having the opportunity to get my mind back in a thankful space before Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the other winter holidays before the New Year rolls in.

I’m thankful for my family, which seems to get smaller each year, making me even more thankful for them. Mama and Daddy, Brother, special aunts, uncles, cousins, my BFFs, and the pups–and memories of the sweetest elders and others who live on in our hearts–there’s nothing I’m more grateful for than them.

I’m thankful for the places I’ve been and people I’ve met this year. Lots of fun trips seeing our beautiful country! I’m thankful for these new-fangled smartphones with cameras in them, too, because they allow me to capture endless photos of those fun trips, along with all the sweet memories and beautiful views I want–plus pictures of every piece of interesting bark or moss, inspiring color palettes, fancy doors and ironwork, and other creative inspiration.

With my role here changing this month, I’m thankful for the past six years as the Editor of Jewelry Making Daily, all the skills I’ve learned, and the amazing jewelry artists I’ve met along the way. You guys are so talented, generous, and inspiring. I’m also thankful that I’ll still be around in a fun new role, doing work that I love. So here we go, into the holiday season of making, baking, giving, and loving!

Happy Thanksgiving!